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Did Shirley Temple lose her money?

Did Shirley Temple lose her money?

Shirley Temple And Temple, as a child, only saw less than $20 in pocket money. Her father had allegedly failed to place her earnings as a child star in a court-ordered trust.

What was Shirley Temple’s salary?

Temple’s original contract for $150 per week is equivalent to $2,960 in 2019, adjusted for inflation; however, the economic value of $150 during the Great Depression was equal to around $18,500 in 2019 money due to the punishing effects of deflation—six times higher than a surface-level conversion.

What was the last movie Shirley Temple made?

A Kiss for Corliss
In 1949 Temple made her last feature film, A Kiss for Corliss. She later made a brief return to entertainment with a popular television show, Shirley Temple’s Storybook, in 1957–59 and the less successful Shirley Temple Show in 1960.

What was Shirley Temples IQ?

There is a reason why Shirley was so talented,gifted and why there has not been any child star like her since. as a child she had a whopping I.Q of 155! and a photogenic Memory. Shirley’s acting and dancing talent came very natural to her.

Do child actors get their money?

Most child actors, unless they are told otherwise, will expect that the money they earn is theirs to keep and that it will be available to them when they come of age. Unfortunately for child actors, there are only laws like the Coogan law in FOUR states in the country: California, New York, New Mexico, and Louisiana.

Why did Shirley Temple leave her first husband?

After four years of marriage, Temple filed for divorce, accusing Agar of “mental cruelty,” and was granted sole custody of their daughter. After the divorce, the public turned against Agar for mistreating the Hollywood legend.

How much did Shirley Temple make as a kid?

Before the age of 14, Shirley had earned $3 million as a child actor which is equal to $34 million after adjusting for inflation. Shirley Temple died on February 10, 2014 at the age of 85 in Woodside, California. Shirley achieved true super-star status after the movie “Bright Eyes” was released.

What was Shirley Temple Worth?

Shirley Temple’s Blue Diamond Is Estimated to Be Worth $35 Million | Fortune.

Why do they call it a Shirley Temple?

The drink was named after iconic child actress Shirley Temple. Legend has it that when she was out to dinner at a nice restaurant with her parents and other Hollywood types who were all enjoying cocktails, the bartender made her a special nonalcoholic drink so she could feel fancy too.

Why didn’t Shirley Temple Do Wizard of Oz?

“She was 15 years old, which was considered too old for the role. She was vivacious and over the top. The Dorothy in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ has a very different personality from what is seen in the film. But there was never a serious contender except for Judy Garland.”

Did Shirley Temple wear a wig?

Shirley Temple didn’t wear a wig. In her autobiography, Shirley Temple wrote that sometimes fans would pull her hair in futile attempts to prove she was wearing a wig (via Ranker). She wasn’t. Instead, her mother Gertrude Temple vigorously and almost fanatically maintained Shirley Temple’s lustrous locks.

Who is the highest paid child actor ever?

45 Richest Child Stars of All Time

  • Alyssa Milano: $10 Million.
  • Sean Astin: $10 Million.
  • Dakota Fanning: $12 Million.
  • Anna Paquin: $14 Million.
  • Christina Ricci: $18 Million.
  • Eliza Dushku: $20 Million.
  • Elijah Wood: $20 Million.
  • Judy Garland (Deceased): $20 Million.