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Has Utah ever had a non-Mormon governor?

Has Utah ever had a non-Mormon governor?

Simon Bamberger (February 27, 1845 – October 6, 1926) was the fourth Governor of Utah (1917–1921) after it achieved statehood from territorial status in 1896. Bamberger retains the distinction of being the first non-Mormon, the first Democrat, as well as the first, and to date only, Jewish Governor of Utah.

Who was the 2nd governor of Utah?

Governors of the State of Utah

Republican (11) Democratic (6)
Governor Party
1 Heber Manning Wells August 11, 1859 – March 12, 1938 (aged 78) Republican
2 John Christopher Cutler February 5, 1846 – July 30, 1928 (aged 82) Republican
3 William Spry January 11, 1864 – April 21, 1929 (aged 65) Republican

Has Utah had a Democrat governor?

Utah has not had a Democratic governor since Scott M. Matheson left office in January 1985. This is the second longest active streak of one-party leadership, trailing only South Dakota, which has not had a Democratic governor since Harvey L. Wollman left office in 1979.

Who was Utah’s governor before Spencer Cox?

Spencer Cox (politician)

Spencer Cox
Governor Gary Herbert
Preceded by Greg Bell
Succeeded by Deidre Henderson
Member of the Utah House of Representatives from the 58th district

Can Mormons drink alcohol?

The rules prohibit alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs and coffee and tea. They are based on what church members believe was a revelation from God to founder Joseph Smith in 1833.

Who was the Governor of Utah in 1857?

In September 1857, he departed from Kansas along with a detachment of the U.S. Army. He wintered at Fort Bridger and entered Salt Lake City on April 12, whereupon he was recognized as governor of the territory. ^ Resigned after three weeks in office; combative feelings existed between the governor and the state’s Mormon population.

Who is the Governor of Utah right now?

The current governor is Gary Herbert, who took office on August 11, 2009, upon the resignation of Jon Huntsman, Jr., to become United States Ambassador to China.

When was the Office of Lieutenant Governor created in Utah?

The Constitution of Utah originally stated that, should the office of governor be vacant, the power be devolved upon the Secretary of State, but the office of Lieutenant Governor was created in 1976, and a 1980 constitutional amendment added it to the constitution.

Who was the youngest governor of the state of Utah?

At the age of 36, Heber Manning Wells was the youngest person to become governor. At the age of 70, Simon Bamberger became the oldest person to be elected, while Olene Walker, at age 72, was the oldest person to succeed to the office.