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How do you protect data and the integrity of the operating system and hardware?

How do you protect data and the integrity of the operating system and hardware?

To protect data and the integrity of the operating system and hardware, use software designed to guard against attacks and to remove malicious programs.

How does the OS control the hardware?

Drivers. Drivers teach the operating system to interact with each bit of hardware. Graphics cards, sound cards, networking cards, USB peripherals, and everything else you connect to your computer relies on drivers. The operating system then uses these drivers to ensure correct operation of each device.

What is the main function of hardware abstraction layer HAL )?

A software stack and services in an embedded multiprocessor. The hardware abstraction layer (HAL) provides a uniform abstraction for devices and other hardware primitives. The HAL abstracts the rest of the software from both the devices themselves and from certain elements of the processor.

How can the operating system be protected from its environment?

Application and operating system software can be protected by using passwords and by eliminating access to those who have no need to use particular software.

What resources does an operating system need to protect and secure?

An operating system’s protection and security requires all computer resources such as software, CPU, memory and others to be protected. This can be enforced by ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability in the operating system.

What four actions take place when software is installed?


  1. Making sure that necessary system requirements are met.
  2. Checking for existing versions of the software.
  3. Creating or updating program files and folders.
  4. Adding configuration data such as configuration files, Windows registry entries or environment variables.

Does operating system control hardware?

The operating system controls every task your computer carries out and manages system resources. At the simplest level, an operating system does two things: It manages the hardware and software resources of the system.

How does hardware affect the performance of an operating system?

There are many hardware factors that can limit the overall system performance: The speed and width of the system’s address and data buses. The model, clock speed, and the size of the internal level-one (L1) memory cache of the system’s CPU or CPUs. The amount of memory, the width of its data path, and its access time.

What is the benefit of a hardware abstraction layer?

It provides a device driver interface allowing a program to communicate with the hardware. The main purpose of a HAL is to conceal different hardware architectures from the OS by providing a uniform interface to the system peripherals.

What quality of a system does a hardware abstraction layer improve?

A hardware abstraction layer (HAL) is an extra layer of programming which makes it easier for hardware and software to communicate with each other. In most cases, this allows for quicker, more efficient, and less stressful development.

What is the main problem with access control list?

Access Control : The general way of protection is to associate identity-dependent access with all the files and directories an list called access-control list (ACL) which specify the names of the users and the types of access associate with each of the user. The main problem with the access list is their length.

What are the key characteristics that determines if OS code is trusted?

Trusted operating systems require secure identification of individuals, and each individual must be uniquely identified each individual must be uniquely identified. Mandatory access control (MAC) means that access control policy y ( ) p y decisions are made beyond the control of the individual owner of an object.

How is the information system dynamically manages user privileges?

The information system dynamically manages user privileges and associated access authorizations.

Who are authorized users of information system and specification of access privileges?

The identification of authorized users of the information system and the specification of access privileges is consistent with the requirements in other security controls in the security plan.

Which is the best access control for NIST?

Related control: PM-9. NIST 800-100NIST 800-12TechnicalAccess ControlAC-2 Account Management

How is access control implemented in service oriented architecture?

In contrast to conventional access control approaches which employ static information system accounts and predefined sets of user privileges, many service-oriented architecture implementations rely on run time access control decisions facilitated by dynamic privilege management.