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Is james Swearingen alive?

Is james Swearingen alive?

The music he writes is part of a small genre played in American high school band classes as Concert Literature, generally two- to six-minute-long pieces played for high school band concerts….

James Swearingen
Born September 26, 1947 Dayton, Ohio
Occupation(s) Composer
Years active 1947-2020
Website Official Site

What instrument did James Swearingen play?

Composer James Swearingen started playing music when he was 8 years old. He had wanted to play piano, but his family couldn’t afford the instrument. So he settled on the accordion.

Is Randall Standridge alive?

In addition to his career as a composer, Randall is a marching band designer, having created numerous award winning marching band arrangements, compositions, and drill designs. He also works as a freelance film composer, artist/photographer, and writer. He lives in Jonesboro, Arkansas with his family.

Where did James Swearingen go to college?

The Ohio State University
Bowling Green State University
James Swearingen/Education
James Swearingen’s talents as a performer, composer/arranger and educator include a background of extensive training and experience. He has earned degrees from Bowling Green State University and The Ohio State University. Mr.

Where did Frank Ticheli complete his schooling?

Biography. Ticheli was born in Monroe, Louisiana. He graduated from L.V. Berkner High School in Richardson, Texas and earned a Bachelor of Music in Composition from Southern Methodist University, where he studied with Donald Erb and Jack Waldenmaier.

When was Randall Standridge born?

. 1976
Randall D. Standridge (b. 1976, Little Rock, Ark.) is an American composer and arranger.

Where was James Swearingen born?

Ohio, United States
James Swearingen/Place of birth

Where is Frank Ticheli now?

Frank Ticheli /tɪˈkɛli/ (born January 21, 1958) is an American composer of orchestral, choral, chamber, and concert band works. He lives in Los Angeles, California, where he is a Professor of Composition at the University of Southern California.

Is Randall D Standridge still alive?

What did Randall D Standridge do before composing?

In addition to his career as a composer, Mr. Standridge began as the director of bands at Harrisburg High School in Harrisburg, Ark. in 2011. He left the position in 2013 to focus on composing, drill design and edit the marching band music for Grand Mesa Music Publishers.

Where did Frank Ticheli go to college?

University of Michigan
Southern Methodist UniversityLV Berkner High School STEM Academy
Frank Ticheli/Education

What music did Randall Standridge write?

His compositions Snake Charmer, Gently Blows the Summer Wind, and Angelic Celebrations have been included in the “Teaching Music Through Performance in Band” series. He has had numerous works performed at the prestigious Midwest Clinic in Chicago, Illinois.

Where did James Swearingen go to college at?

He has earned degrees from Bowling Green State University and The Ohio State University. In recognition of distinguished contributions, Mr. Swearingen was recently accorded the title of Professor Emeritus from Capital University located in Columbus, Ohio.

Who is James Swearingen, composer at Capital University?

Biography. James Swearingen is currently one of several resident composers at Capital University and is also a staff arranger for the Ohio State University Marching Band. Prior to his appointment at Capital in 1987, he spent eighteen years teaching instrumental music in the public schools of central Ohio.

When did James Swearingen get the a.austin Harding Award?

On June 20, 2009, The American School Band Directors Association, Inc., presented Mr. Swearingen with the A. Austin Harding Award. This prestigious award is presented annually by the organization and is reflective of valuable and dedicated service to the school bands of America.