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Is the movie the clique based on a book?

Is the movie the clique based on a book?

The Clique is a 2008 American teen comedy-drama film directed by Cletus Barthlomew, based on the young adult novel series of the same name by Canadian author Lisi Harrison.

How old are the characters in the clique?

The girls who played the Pretty Committee were around 13-14 years old when they filmed this movie. The first half of the film feels like a too-visceral, painful flashback to being a seventh-grade girl.

Is there a the clique 2?

Find all the books, read about the author, and more. In the second book starring Westchester County’s most privileged middle schoolers, the Clique declares Massie a hero for hosting the first boy/girl Halloween party of 8th grade.

What is the genre of the clique?

Children’s filmDrama
The Clique/Genres

Where did they film the clique?

The movie was filmed from February 2008 to March 2008 in Rhode Island. It was partially filmed at Portsmouth Abbey School in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

Is the clique satire?

Exaggerating her characters’ obsession with fashion, she argues, shows how ridiculous it is — a satirical point not lost on her readers. Presenting the issues and pressures and horrors of cliques through satire and fantasy wish fulfillment makes them more acceptable to girls. “It makes them funny,” says Harrison.

Who does Massie end up with in the clique?

Massie also falls for Dempsey, and finally, her perfect match, Landon Crane, who sort of becomes her boyfriend. Although Massie is known as the alpha, she is the one whom her friends have turned against the most often of the five girls.

How old is Massie Block in the clique?

Her signature scent is Chanel No. 19. Massie is portrayed by Elizabeth McLaughlin in the film….

Massie Block
Age 13
Eye Color Amber
Hair Color Brown
Parents William and Kendra Block

Does Netflix have clique?

Clique is available to watch on Netflix now.

Who Is Shelby in the clique?

Elizabeth Gillies
She is portrayed by Elizabeth Gillies.

How old was Claire in the clique?


Claire Lyons
Age 14
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Platinum blonde

How does The Clique end?

In the end, Massie leaves telling Claire, “I heart you.” Her trademark is her love of Keds, Gummies and Sours and her crush on Cam Fisher, and thanks to the encouragement and acceptance from her former bully, Massie Block, she is not only allowed to be in The Clique, but to also be in a relationship with Cam and be …

Who is the director of the clique movie?

The Clique (film) The Clique is a 2008 American teen comedy-drama film directed by Michael Lembeck, based on the young adult novel series of the same name by Canadian author Lisi Harrison. The film was produced through Alloy Entertainment and released through Tyra Banks’ company Bankable Productions.

When did the first Clique book come out?

The first novel, The Clique, was released on May 5, 2004. As of March 2010, the series spans fourteen full-length novels, and a five novella sub-series called the “Clique Summer Collection.”.

Is the clique a parody of a true story?

True enough, but the moony gaze that shines on Claire’s face when Massie gives her a flower speaks volumes. Such complexity applied to the perils of middle school social ranking is heart wrenching, and it rings true, even if THE CLIQUE is meant to be a parody. The acting is quite good across the board.

Who are the characters in the clique by Lisi Harrison?

Lisi Harrison ‘s young adult novel series, The Clique revolves around the lives of five girls: Massie Block, Alicia Rivera, Dylan Marvil, Claire Lyons, and Kristen Gregory. Together they collectively make up The Pretty Committee, an Alpha clique at the fictional, all-girls middle school, Octavian Country Day.