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What are synonyms for contemporaries?

What are synonyms for contemporaries?

Some common synonyms of contemporary are coeval, coincident, contemporaneous, simultaneous, and synchronous. While all these words mean “existing or occurring at the same time,” contemporary is likely to apply to people and what relates to them.

What is an example of contemporary?

Someone or something living at the same time, or of roughly the same age as another. The definition of contemporary is existing at the same time or of the present time period. An example of contemporary are the works of Fitzgerald and Hemingway. An example of contemporary is furniture in the modern style.

Who are someone’s contemporaries?

Young, old, or in-between, if people are the same age and living in the same era, they’re contemporaries. You might be wondering what the noun contemporaries has to do with the adjective contemporary, which describes things that happen at the same time or in the present.

What does contemporaries mean in music?

The term ‘contemporary music’ can mean a variety of things to a variety of people. For the purpose of setting the scope of this draft Strategic Plan, Australian contemporary music is defined as music that is currently being written, recorded and performed by Australians.

What is the opposite of contemporaries?

Princeton’s WordNet. contemporary, coevaladjective. a person of nearly the same age as another. Antonyms: asynchronous, noncurrent, nonmodern.

What is another word for linguist?

What is another word for linguist?

bilingual person multilingual person
grammarian interpreter
lexicographer philologist
polyglot glottologist
linguistician wordsmith

What is contemporary in your own words?

Things that are contemporary are either happening at the same time or happening now. In history class, if you hear that one famous person was a contemporary of another, that means they lived at the same time. Contemporaries are people and things from the same time period.

How do you use contemporary?

occurring in the same period of time.

  1. Contemporary accounts attest to his courage and determination.
  2. The telephone and the gramophone were contemporary.
  3. Contemporary cars are more streamlined than older ones.
  4. We have no contemporary account of the battle .
  5. Many contemporary writers condemned the emperor’s actions.

What is a person called who questions everything?

One who questions everything : Cynic.

What is another word for age group?

What is another word for age group?

cohort contemporaries
generation age bracket
age range old-boy network
peer group equals
classmates coequals

What music period are we in now?

The current period encompasses the 20th century and the 21st-century to date and includes the Modernist musical era and the Contemporary or Postmodern musical era, the dates of which are often disputed….History.

Medieval c. 500–1400
Baroque c. 1580–1750

What does the term contemporaries mean?

contemporaries – all the people living at the same time or of approximately the same age. coevals, generation. people – (plural) any group of human beings (men or women or children) collectively; “old people”; “there were at least 200 people in the audience”.

What is the definition of contemporary?

Definition of contemporary. (Entry 1 of 2) 1a : marked by characteristics of the present period : modern, current contemporary American literature contemporary standards. b : simultaneous. 2 : happening, existing, living, or coming into being during the same period of time The book is based on contemporary accounts of the war.

What is a contemporary synonym?

Synonyms: contemporary, contemporaneous, simultaneous, synchronous, concurrent, coincident, concomitant. These adjectives mean existing or occurring at the same time.

What is an antonym for Contemporary?

modern(noun) a contemporary person. Antonyms: old style font, old style, unstylish, regressive, classic, medieval, early, horse-and-buggy, gothic, middle, old-world, classical, Victorian , mediaeval, antebellum, unfashionable, nonmodern. Synonyms: