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What do we call Brother in all languages?

What do we call Brother in all languages?

Polish: brat. European Portuguese: irmão. Romanian: frate. Russian: брат Latin American Spanish: hermano.

What is the translation of brother?

Meaning of brother in English. a man or boy with the same parents as another person: My brother lives in Washington.

What is brother in Sanskrit?

IPA: brʌðərSanskrit: ब्रदर

Is brother a word in Spanish?

(informal) ¡vaya hombre!

What do you call your brother?

Best Nicknames For Your Brother

  • Bro.
  • Brobama.
  • Broball.
  • Broboat.
  • Brobe Bryant.
  • Brodown.
  • Brofessional.
  • Brohammed.

What does How’s your brother mean?

You can ask how someone is faring, it is just asking about their wellbeing.

What is elder brother called in Sanskrit?

Spoken Sanskrit

jyeṣṭha jyeSTha elderbrother
bhrātṛjāyā bhrAtRjAyA brother’swife
āvutta Avutta brother-in-law
kaniṣṭha kaniSTha youngerbrother
anuja anuja youngerbrother

What do siblings call each other in Spanish?

In both cases (older and younger siblings) you can use hermano (or hermana), although in Spain it’s usual to adress them by their first names. However, it’s usual to refer to them as “mi hermano” (o hermana) to third people. Some people call an older sister “tata”, but it’s not the most common.

How do Mexicans say brother?

As said in other comments, brother in Spanish is “hermano”. If you want to say “bro” you could say “mano”, but (at least in Mexico) you usually use it for close friends. An annoying older sister might call a younger brother “manito” (it being the emasculating diminutive of mano).

What are the French words for ” brother “?

French words for brother include frère, le frère, frere, beau-frère and frangin. Find more French words at!

What is the meaning of the word brother in Latin?

brother. Latin Translation. frater. More Latin words for brother. frater noun. brother-in-law, cousin, sister’s husband, dear friend, comrade. frater antenatus.

Are there different ways to say brother in different languages?

In Mandarin and Cantonese there are two words for brother depending on wether they are older or younger. Also, in Japanese there are two such variations. One is for one’s own younger/older brothers, one is for speaking of brothers not in one’s family.

Which is the correct way to say brother in Japanese?

How to say brother in Japanese. brother. Japanese Translation. 兄. Ani. More Japanese words for brother. 弟 noun. . Otōto younger brother, faithful service.