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What does the symbol with a car and squiggly lines mean?

What does the symbol with a car and squiggly lines mean?

vehicle stability assist
When you see the symbol of a car with squiggly lines behind it become illuminated, and likely flashing, it indicates that your vehicle stability assist program is engaged. Put simply, the vehicle stability assist system, as you might have guessed, helps stabilize the vehicle.

What does the car swerving sign mean?

Traction control light Your traction control light is usually shaped like a car swerving on a road or a TC symbol. This system is designed to help you maintain control and stability of your car and stop your car from skidding if it’s losing traction – for example, if you’re driving in rainy weather.

What is the zig zag light on dashboard?

Modern cars have excellent traction sensors onboard that accurately detects the tires’ traction on the road. It is a yellow illuminated sign that shows a car with zigzag skid marks. This indicates that your car is losing traction. On seeing this sign, you should slow down to let the tires regain their grip on the road.

What does the with the squiggly lines mean?

A tilde is a character on a keyboard that looks like a wavy line (~). The tilde has other uses as well. It is a diacritical mark in other languages, such as Portuguese, but it is also used in logic and math. When you put a tilde before a number, for example, you’re saying that the number is approximate.

What’s the squiggly line called?

Answer: It’s called a tilde.

What can cause the traction light to come on?

In some cases, the warning light can come on because wheel-speed sensors are covered with road grime or debris. When the traction control warning light stays on, that means you aren’t getting any help from the system to control traction and the system needs to be checked.

What does the yellow symbol on my dashboard mean?

Yellow or amber lights often indicate a lower-grade hazard or warning, such as the activation of the traction control system when driving on slippery roads. Green and blue lights simply indicate that a feature is engaged, such as the headlights or cruise control.

What is a squiggly line called?

Answer: It’s called a tilde. Around the 12th century, Spanish scribes, in part to save paper, placed the tilde over a letter to indicate that it was doubled. The tilde is also used in mathematics to indicate negation.

What is a squiggly?

: a short wavy twist or line : curlicue especially : an illegible scrawl. Other Words from squiggle Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About squiggle.

What is the squiggly line next to a chord called?

Arpeggio: A squiggly vertical line in front of a chord means its notes are hit quickly in order, not simultaneously; to create a harp-like effect. Arpeggiated chords are usually played from low to high, unless marked by a downward arrow. An is a fast-moving arpeggio.

What are the signs of a bad traction control module?

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Traction Control Module

  • Traction Control System Warning Indicator Light is on.
  • Traction Control System (TCS) won’t turn off/on.
  • Loss of Traction Control System (TCS) features.
  • Loss of Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) features.