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What interesante mean?

What interesante mean?

English Translation. interesting. More meanings for interesante. interesting adjective. nakawiwili, nakakawili, nakaaakit, kawili-wili, kaakit-akit.

What is the opposite of interesante?

What is the opposite of interessante?

boring dull
unattractive ugly
revolting monochromatic
repugnant repelling
dusty repellant

What is Intersante English?

Es interesante que= its interesting that… posted by Rose2311. 0. votes. It means interesting.

What does Moreno mean in English?

tan, brunette, dark-haired.

What is Divertidos?

adjective. amusing [adjective] rather funny or humorous. entertaining [adjective] amusing. funny [adjective] amusing; making one laugh.

How do you conjugate interesante?

Singular or Plural: Making Spanish Adjectives Agree

  1. Add –s to singular adjectives ending in a vowel. For example, alto (tall) becomes altos, and interesante (interesting) becomes interesantes.
  2. Add –es to singular adjectives ending in a consonant.

What is the opposite of Simpatico in Spanish?

What is the opposite of simpatico?

detestable abhorrent
horrid nasty
offensive currish
repellent despised
distasteful ignoble

What is the opposite of gros in French?

Answer: mince……………..

Does Ciencias have an accent?

The word CIENCIA is divided in 2 syllables: CIEN-CIA. The word CIENCIA is oxytone because the tonic syllable is the penultimate syllable. It does not have a graphic accent because it is paroxytone and ends in ‘n’, ‘s’ or vowel.

What does Marrano mean in Spanish slang?

Marrano in 15th century Spanish first meant pig, from the ritual prohibition against eating pork, practiced by both Jews and Muslims. During the Spanish Inquisition Marrano acquired the pejorative meanings: “filthy-pig” (sucio); swine (sin escrúpulos); and “filthy-dirty”.

What does Prieto mean in Spanish slang?

Spanish: nickname for a dark-haired or dark-skinned man, from Old Spanish prieto ‘dark’, ‘black’. The adjective derives from the verb apretar ‘to squeeze or compress’, a metathesized form of apetrar, Late Latin appectorare ‘to hold close to the chest’ (from pectus, genitive pectoris, ‘chest’).

What does Obtener mean in English?

“obtener” in English. obtener{verb}. to obtain- to draw- to drum up- to gain- to gain- to summon up- to poll- to post- to procure- to procure- to secure- to win. obtener{transitive verb}. to get- to achieve- to receive- to acquire- to elicit- to garner.

What does Yo Entiendo mean in English?

This means “I understand English”. “Entiendo” is the present tense, yo form of the infinitive “entender” which means “to understand”. “El inglés” means “English. Put them together and you get “I understand English”. What does the “n” before “entiendo” mean? If it was supposed to be “no”…then it would now say, “No entiendo el inglés”.

What is plural for Interesante?

Plural: interesantes. Translate “interesante” to English: interesting, important, absorbing. Spanish Synonyms of “interesante”: considerable, importante, vital, de buen tomo y lomo, de consecuencia, de mucha consecuencia, de peso, transcendental.

What does ‘estos’ mean in English?

Esto is a masculine pronoun that means “this one” (the demonstrative adjective form being este). Esta is a feminine pronoun that means “this one” and is also a demonstrative adjective that means “this…”. You may be confusing esta with está (from the verb estar, commonly confused with ser).