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What is the full meaning of modern?

What is the full meaning of modern?

1 : of or characteristic of the present time or times not long past modern machinery. 2 : of a style or way of thinking that is new and different modern ideas. 3 : having a style that is newer and different from older, more traditional styles modern dance. 4 : of the period from about 1500 to the present modern history.

What does it mean to say something is modern?

adjective. Something that is modern is new and involves the latest ideas or equipment.

What is a good sentence for modern?

Modern sentence example. The small kitchen showed signs of its past life, before the addition of a modern sink and electric stove. Maybe it was a relationship that was difficult for the modern wife to understand. It had all the modern conveniences – dishwasher, garbage disposal, and even a built-in oven.

What is a modern example?

The definition of modern is having to do with the current time. An example of modern used as an adjective is a modern oven that has current features and technology. An example of modern used as an adjective is the modern home design of a concrete home.

How do you describe modern?

of or relating to present and recent time; not ancient or remote: modern city life. characteristic of present and recent time; contemporary; not antiquated or obsolete: modern viewpoints. of or relating to the historical period following the Middle Ages: modern European history.

What is modern example?

What is the example of modern?

An example of modern used as an adjective is a modern oven that has current features and technology. Modern is defined as a style of art, design, or fashion that is very different from past styles. An example of modern used as an adjective is the modern home design of a concrete home.

What is a modern person?

Also called: modern man. a. a member of any of the living races of Homo sapiens, characterized by erect bipedal posture, a highly developed brain, and powers of articulate speech, abstract reasoning, and imagination.

How would you describe a modern society?

When society is industrialized it is considered to be modern society or it can be defined as people living together in current time. It is based on expansion of education, technology, industry and urban life. It has a complex culture changing with the time.

What is a modern world?

Noun. 1. modern world – the circumstances and ideas of the present age; “in modern times like these” contemporary world, modern times, present times. times – a more or less definite period of time now or previously present; “it was a sign of the times”

What is traditional example?

The definition of traditional is something that is in keeping with long-standing tradition, style or custom. An example of traditional is the practice of eating turkey as the traditional or accepted Thanksgiving meal. An example of traditional is a formal style of furniture that doesn’t change with fads or the seasons.

What makes a modern man 2020?

The top qualities of a ‘modern man’ include being affectionate, doing their fair share of cleaning, and being a vegan (according to a recent study). The study of 2,000 adults by Wilkinson Sword revealed other signs such as being environmentally aware, taking pride in their appearance and standing up for a cause.

What does the name modern mean?

modern. ( ˈmɒdən) adj. 1. of, involving, or befitting the present or a recent time; contemporary. 2. (Art Terms) of, relating to, or characteristic of contemporary styles or schools of art, literature, music, etc, esp those of an experimental kind. 3.

What does modern mean definition?

Modern(adj) of or pertaining to the present time, or time not long past; late; not ancient or remote in past time; of recent period; as, modern days, ages, or time; modern authors; modern fashions; modern taste; modern practice. Modern(adj) new and common; trite; commonplace.

What is the meaning of being modern?

1. One who lives in modern times. 2. One who has modern ideas, standards, or beliefs. 3. Printing Any of a variety of typefaces characterized by strongly contrasted heavy and thin parts.

What does Moderna mean?

CrunchBase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Moderna is pioneering messenger RNA therapeutics™, an entirely new in vivo drug modality that produces human proteins or antibodies inside patient cells, which are in turn active intracellularly or secreted.