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What is the meaning of Mira Mesa?

What is the meaning of Mira Mesa?

II: “The Meaning of the Word ‘Monotony'” Mira Mesa, before it became Mira Mesa, was mainly an area for the army and navy. Mira Mesa arose as a community.

Who is Mira Mesa named after?

2 – It’s Like Living In The Suburbs, Only In The City The Mira Mesa (which gets its name from the nearby U.S. Marine Corps Air Station, Miramar) area is filled with single-family homes and smaller streets.

What city is Mira Mesa in?

San Diego
Mira Mesa is a community and neighborhood in the city of San Diego, California….

Mira Mesa, San Diego
ZIP Codes 92121, 92126
Area code(s) 619/858
GNIS feature ID 1656569
Website Official website

Is Mira Mesa nice?

Mira Mesa has a very good location, not too far from the beach ( 15 min drive ) which is perfect for those who love going to the beach for a trip with friends or family. The weather is great and there are a lot of nice restaurants that you can eat at. I really love this neighborhood because of the kind people around.

Is Mira Mesa considered inland?

North County Inland – the North County Inland communities include Vista, San Marcos, Rancho Penasquitos, Scripps Ranch and Mira Mesa.

How old is Mira Mesa?

Established in the late 1960s, Mira Mesa has a population of 80,000, including young homeowners, families, military members, students and single people.

Who lives in Mira Mesa?

Mira Mesa, CA Population & Demographics Mira Mesa is home to a diverse population of 69,605 residents. Mira Mesa’s population is 51.35% male, and 48.65% female, and the demographic breakdown of Mira Mesa is 27% white, 12.2% Hispanic, 4.5% Black or African American, 49.6% Asian, and 6.7% Mixed or Other races.

Is Mira a cute name?

Mira is a beautiful name and the meaning ‘sea, ocean’ is perfect. It might be nice as a short form of Miranda or Mirabelle/a; I tend to like names with more variety for when a girl is older. I think for twins, Mira and Flora would go well together, since they have similar qualities and equally beautiful meanings.

Does Mira mean miracle?

A shortened version of the word “Miracle,” Mira is a short and sweet name with its own beautiful meanings according to Nameberry, including “admirable, peaceful.”

Is Chula Vista coast or inland?

Large coastal city complex – Southern California coast, 120 miles south of Los Angeles and 20 miles north of Mexican border. June, October and September are the most pleasant months in Chula Vista, while January and February are the least comfortable months.