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What is tongue in medical terminology?

What is tongue in medical terminology?

(tŭng), [TA] 1. A mobile mass of muscular tissue covered with mucous membrane, occupying the cavity of the mouth and forming part of its floor, constituting also by its posterior portion the anterior wall of the pharynx. It bears taste buds and assists in mastication, deglutition, and articulation of speech.

What is the prefix for tongue?

Root Words, Prefixes and Suffixes Used in Dental Terminology

Prefix/Suffix Definition
intra- within
itis inflammation
lingu- pertaining to the tongue
-logy study of

What root word means tongue medical term?

Gloss/o. – Denoting word, speech, or tongue.

What are the diseases of the tongue?

Conditions such as oral thrush or oral herpes viruses can cause the tongue to swell due to inflammation. Other medical conditions include tumorous cancer, acromegaly (giantism), amyloidosis, sarcoidosis, hypothyroidism, and Kawasaki disease. Tongue swelling can also be found in individuals with Down syndrome.

What’s another name for your tongue?

What is another word for tongue?

beef tongue cow’s tongue
neat’s tongue lengua

What is the scientific word for mouth?

Mouth, also called oral cavity or buccal cavity, in human anatomy, orifice through which food and air enter the body. It is divided into two sections: the vestibule, the area between the cheeks and the teeth, and the oral cavity proper.

What is the root word for mouth?

Stomato- comes from the Greek stóma, meaning “mouth.” This root is the source of the English words stoma and stomate (technical terms for a mouth, among other senses) and is related to stomach.

What is the root word for heart?

Medical Terminology: Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Root Words

Root Word What It Means Example
Cardi/o Heart Cardiomegaly
Coron/o Heart Coronary
Ox/o, ox/i Oxygen Oximeter
Phleb/o Vein Phlebitis

Which word part means uterus?

What It Means

Root Word What It Means
Gonad/o Ovaries
Gravida Pregnancy
Gynec/o, gyn/o Woman, female
Hyster/o Uterus

What is the reason for tongue infection?

A minor infection on the tongue isn’t uncommon, and it can cause pain and irritation. Inflamed papillae, or taste buds, are small, painful bumps that appear after an injury from a bite or irritation from hot foods. A canker sore is another common cause of pain on or under the tongue.

What is the name of tongue?

They are the genioglossus, the hyoglossus (often including the chondroglossus) the styloglossus, and the palatoglossus. Their main functions are altering the tongue’s position allowing for protrusion, retraction, and side-to-side movement. The genioglossus arises from the mandible and protrudes the tongue.

What is the definition of combining forms?

combining form. A combining form is a word that is used, or used with a particular meaning, only when joined to another word. For example, ‘-legged’ as in ‘four-legged’ and ‘-fold’ as in ‘fivefold’ are combining forms.

What is the combining form meaning tone?

The element tono- is a combining form with the meanings “stretching, tension, tone”, used in the formation of compound words.

What is combining form in medical terms?

Combining Forms with Medical Terminology. A combining form is the combination of a root with a combining vowel. Example: ARTHR/O “ARTHR” is the root, and the “O” is the combining vowel.