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What three areas of land border the Yukon Territory?

What three areas of land border the Yukon Territory?

Geography. The territory is the approximate shape of a right triangle, bordering the U.S. state of Alaska to the west and northwest for 1,210 kilometres (752 mi) mostly along longitude 141° W, the Northwest Territories to the east and British Columbia to the south.

Does the Yukon border the Pacific Ocean?

One of three northern Canadian territories, the Yukon is situated in the northwest corner of Canada’s continental mainland. It is situated directly north of the Canadian province of British Columbia, to the east of Alaska and west of the Northwest Territories. Its northern border touches the Arctic Ocean.

Is the Yukon Territory in Canada or Alaska?

The Yukon Territory (Yukon) is in the northwest corner of Canada. It borders on British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and Alaska. Yukon has a total population of 34,157 people with most living in the capital city of Whitehorse.

What is Yukon Territory known for?

The Yukon is home to Canada’s highest peak, largest ice fields, the smallest desert and the western-most point in Canada. Famous for the Klondike Gold Rush that brought hundreds of thousands of prospectors as well as the longest mammal migration in the world, the Yukon is a wonderous place.

Is Yukon good for immigrants?

Why is Yukon a good destination for immigrants? Immigrants who select the Yukon as their destination can expect to enjoy an active, but also peaceful lifestyle with many cultural events all year long. It is also home to an active Francophone community, as well as many ethnic and cultural groups.

Who lives in the Yukon Territory?

The Yukon has a diverse population with 25 percent being of First Nations (Indigenous) descent, home to an active Francophone community as well as many ethnic and cultural groups. The Yukon is well known for being a warm, inclusive community, with a host of volunteers who are eager to assist newcomers.

Where does Yukon get its money?

Enter your search terms: Yukon’s leading industry by far is mining; lead, zinc, silver, gold, and copper are the principal minerals. Tourism is the second most important industry; the area’s colorful history and beautiful scenery draw visitors.

Is Yukon Canada a good place to live?

Yukon, (also referred to as the Yukon), s the smallest and westernmost of Canada’s three territories. Yukon is a wonderful place to live with breathtaking wilderness, a wealth of opportunities, abundant natural resources and friendly welcoming people.

Is it expensive to live in the Yukon?

There’s plenty of land available, yet the cost of living is relatively high in Yukon and in the Northwest Territories. Rent is particularly expensive and finding affordable housing is a challenge.

Is Yukon a safe place to live?

Many families put down roots in Yukon because it remains a safe and friendly community, even as it continues to grow. According to, this Oklahoma City suburb is #3 in the ranking of Oklahoma’s safest cities, making it a safe, family-friendly community to settle down in.

How does Yukon make money?

Yukon’s leading industry by far is mining; lead, zinc, silver, gold, and copper are the principal minerals. The White Pass and Yukon Railway, between Whitehorse and Skagway, Alaska, built during the Klondike gold rush of the 1890s, now handles only excursion traffic.

What’s the biggest city in the Yukon?

Dawson City
Yukon has seven towns. Dawson City is the territory’s largest town by population with 1,375 residents and Faro is the largest by land area 203.57 km2 (78.60 sq mi). Teslin is the smallest town by population at 124 residents while Mayo is the smallest by land area at 1.06 km2 (0.41 sq mi).

Where did the Yukon Territory get its name from?

YUKON TERRITORY. ORIGIN OF NAME: The name Yukon was first used by the Hudson’s Bay Company trader John Bell in 1846. He called it “Yucon,” derived from the Loucheux Indian word Yuchoo, meaning “the greatest river.”.

What cities are in Yukon?

Yukon is a province with a small population in the country of Canada which is located in the continent/region of North America. Its biggest cities and towns include Whitehorse and Mayo.

What is the relative location of the Yukon Territory?

Yukon Territory is located in northwest Canada. Yukon Territory is bordered by the Beaufort Sea , the United States to the west, Northwest Territories to the east, and British Columbia to the south.

Is the Yukon in Alaska or Canada?

The Yukon is one of Canada’s three territories located in the North. Many of the visitors in the Yukon are travelling to Alaska on the Alaska Highway.