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Can you get more than one EXP share in fire red?

Can you get more than one EXP share in fire red?

1 Answer. From the Serebii page, in FRLG, you get the Exp. Share from one of Oak’s aides on Route 15, which means you can only get one. Theoretically, you could have a friend trade you an extra one, or use two cartridges to trade yourself multiple, but you cannot get multiple in the same game.

Where is the exp share in Pokemon ash gray?

It is located just south of the Pokemon Center on the other side of the water. If you have a Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle with you and show them to the three fan club members, talk to the Chairman and he will give you an Exp. Share.

Does fire red have exp share?

Exp Share location in Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green! To get exp share you will need to register at least 50 pokemon in the pokedex, then you can head over to the right of Fuchsia City and talk to the helper of Professor Oak.

What happens if you have two exp share?

The pokemon holding the exp share gets 50% of the exp split between them. So 1 exp share holder will get 50%, 2 exp share holders would get 25% each, 3 gets ~ 16.6%, 4 gets 12.5% exp, 5 gets 10% each. The exact same thing happens if you use multiple pokemon to KO one pokemon.

Where do you get exp share in Pokemon FireRed?

Unfortunately, the EXP Share is very difficult to obtain. In order to do so, you must first catch fifty different Pokemon Species. After you do, you can obtain the EXP Share from Professor Oak’s Aide found within the gate that connects Fuchsia City to Route 15 .

What happens if a Pokemon holds an EXP share?

A Pokémon holding an Exp. Share also gains all EVs (stat experience in Generation II) as if it had participated in the battle. A fainted Pokémon does not gain experience or EVs from holding Exp. Share.

Where to find wild Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

If you’re looking to instead gain the most experience possible from Wild Pokemon Encounters, then the best locations to do this would have to be Victory Road, Cerulean Cave, and through the Sevii Islands. Most of the Wild Pokemon in Victory Road will be between Levels 30-45, while Cerulean Cave will hold Wild Pokemon between Levels 45-60.

What’s the difference between EXP and exp.share?

The Exp. Share (Japanese: がくしゅうそうち Learning Equipment ), called Exp.All in the Generation I games and formatted Exp.Share in the Generation II games, is a type of item introduced in Generation I. From Generation II to V, it is a held item . In Generation I (when the item was known as the Exp.All in English), if it is in the Bag, Exp.