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Did CN Blue disband?

Did CN Blue disband?

2018–2019: Military enlistment and Jonghyun’s departure The band went on hiatus because the members were doing military service; before they did, they released Best of CNBLUE/OUR BOOK [2011-2018] on August 29. The album contained songs from their debut in Japan in 2011.

What happened to CN Blue?

CNBlue was formed in 2009 and released their first Korean album, Bluetory, in 2010. The remaining three members of the band, Jung Yong-hwa, Lee Jung-shin, and Kang Min-hyuk are currently serving in the Korean military and will be discharged in 2020.

Does Cnblue write their own songs?

In 2011, CNBLUE released its first full-length album First Step in South Korea. Jung wrote or co-wrote five of the songs, while the band as a whole is credited for writing two additional tracks. later that year, nearly all songs have been entirely written or co-written by Jung and Lee.

Can Cnblue speak Japanese?

Surprisingly Good Foreign Language: All can speak fluent Japanese due to spending their indie days there.

Who died in CNBLUE?

Lee Jong-hyun
Years active 2009–2019
Labels FNC
Associated acts CNBLUE

What happened FT Island?

The band currently consists of main vocalist Lee Hong-gi, bassist Lee Jae-jin, and drummer Choi Min-hwan. Former leader Choi Jong-hoon left the band and retired from the entertainment industry on March 14, 2019, while Seung-hyun left the group on December 31, 2019, to pursue his acting career. F.T.

Who is gong Seung Yeon husband?

Lee Jong-hyun
She won the New Star Award at the SBS Drama Awards. She was then cast in her first leading role in youth sageuk My Only Love Song, which co-stars her We Got Married partner Lee Jong-hyun. The drama premiered on Netflix in 2017.

Is Lee Jong-hyun innocent?

According to the FNC ‘s announcement, Lee Jong – hyun denied the allegations because the police did not have any problems with the conversation, and FNC officially responded to Lee Jong – hyun’ s innocence. The FNC said it had contacted Lee Jong-hyun after SBS reported on the 14th.

How tall is Jung Yong Hwa?

1,8 m
Jung Yong-hwa/Height

Who is under FNC Entertainment?

The label is home to prominent K-pop artists such as F.T. Island, CNBLUE, AOA, N. Flying, SF9, Cherry Bullet (under the sub-label FNC W), and P1Harmony.

Does Jung Yong Hwa speak Japanese?

Aside from his undeniable talent as a singer, the idol also plays guitar and is an accomplished songwriter. Jung Yong Hwa can even write songs in three languages—English, Korean and Japanese.

How did oppa died?

Jonghyun remained musically active as the main vocalist of Shinee and as a solo artist until his death on December 18, 2017, when he committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning.

When did first come out?

CNBLUE (Code Name Blue) (Korean: 씨엔블루 ), is a rock band from Seoul, South Korea, which debuted under F&C Entertainment on August 19, 2009 in Japan with the band’s first mini album, Now or Never.

Who is the author of the Blue story?

Blue Story Screenplay by Rapman Based on Blue Story by Rapman Starring Stephen Odubola Micheal Ward Eric Kofi-A Music by Jonathon Deering

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