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How do you get Joey Wheeler DSOD?

How do you get Joey Wheeler DSOD?

The Dark Side of Dimensions. His appearance from the anime and manga is a separate Legendary Duelist, Joey Wheeler (DM). Red Gate Keys are required to Duel him at the Gate. He appears in-game after the player reaches Stage 6 of Duel World (DSOD), at which point his Character Unlock Missions become available.

What accent does Joey Wheeler have?

Brooklyn accent
Joey Wheeler speaks with a thick Brooklyn accent, which makes more sense if the series is set in America. Joey’s voice actor, Wayne Grayson, is from New York, so at least the accent is somewhat genuine. There is actually a reason that Joey has a Brooklyn accent.

Is Joey Wheeler a legendary duelist?

Joey Wheeler is a playable Legendary Duelist in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. This is a video game depiction of Joey Wheeler, a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! He appears in-game after the player reaches Stage 3 of Duel World (DM) and can be unlocked as a playable character by defeating him.

How old is Joey Wheeler in Duel Monsters?


Joey Wheeler
Age 42
Birthdate January 25, 1979
Gender Male
Affiliation His friends and family

Is Dark Side of dimensions canon?

Dark Side of Dimensions follows the manga canon, where Pegasus was killed by Bakura, and Kaiba never saw Yugi beat Atem. Bonds Beyond Time however is a celebration of the Yugioh anime, where DM, GX and 5D’s occur in the same timeline.

Who married Kaiba?

Kaiba just barely manages to catch Ishizu, and he tells Ishizu that he loves her. They then have their first kiss. A year later, the two of them decided to tie the knot and end up marrying each other. Another year later, Kaiba and Ishizu had their son, Seth.

Who did Yugi marry?

Three years after Atem left, Tea marries Yugi. A year later, they have twin children.

Is Joey Wheeler a good duelist?

He is best friends with Yugi Muto. Joey starts out as an inexperienced Duelist, but he later becomes one of the greatest Duelists in the world. He accompanies Yugi throughout his adventures.

Did Yugi beat Kaiba in DSOD?

The movie showcases several exciting duels, including a fresh bout between protagonist Yugi Moto and his arrogant rival Seto Kaiba. Now, Kaiba has never defeated Yugi in a fair match, and at face value, TDOD seems to continue the trend, suggesting that Yugi was about to win before their clash was interrupted.

Is Kaiba still alive in 5Ds?

Gozaburo Kaiba: Committed suicide in the manga. This did not happen in the second series anime; he instead uploaded his mind into his Virtual World, and was killed when its servers were destroyed.

How old is Kaiba in GX?


Seto Kaiba
Storyline Setting Yu-Gi-Oh!
Age 18
Birthdate October 25
Date of Death