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How do you get the phonograph on Poptropica?

How do you get the phonograph on Poptropica?

The Phonograph can be found on top of the roof’s tip of the Greek treasury in the time period of Ancient Greece (Delphi), 328 BC on Time Tangled Island. You must return it to Edison’s Workshop, 1877, to fix that time period.

Where do you find the time travel goggles on Poptropica?

The Goggles can be found being worn by one of the Aztec guards in the Aztec time period (1519 AD) of Time Tangled Island. To get it from him, you’ll need to wear the Warrior Headdress from the retired warrior and talk to him.

How do you get the notebook in Poptropica time travel?

Leonardo da Vinci’s Notebook can be found in the 1882 AD time period of Time Tangled Island. To get it, go to the very left, where you will see a man next to a box and a barrel. Jump onto the box, then to the roof of the house marked “Gadget, Gauthier et Cie”. Move along the roof, and jump onto the chimney.

How do you get Thor’s Hammer in Poptropica?

The Mjolnir is found inside a portable toilet, after it was left there accidentally by a particular Poptropican who had brought it to give it to his friend in return for a ticket into the con. The player dresses up as this Poptropican and brings the Mjolnir to the friend.

How do you get the peace medal in Poptropica?

The Peace Medal can be found hanging on the pulley system of Leo’s Workshop (1516 AD) on Time Tangled Island. To reach it, it may help to be wearing the Glider. When you return it to the Lewis and Clark Expedition (1805 AD), that time period will be restored.

How Do You Solve Time Tangled Island on Poptropica?

Go to the left and meet your future self. Your future self will be 50 years older than you are. Talk to him/her and he/she will give you a Time Device to travel back in time in order to restore history. Click on the icon on the lower left of your screen to use the Time Device.

How do you travel in time on Poptropica?

Open the time travel device. It’s the device that resembles a golden pocket watch in the lower-left corner. Click it to open the time travel device. Select the icon of a man wearing a blue hood and goggles. He’s in the 11 o’clock position. Click the glowing green wind-up knob on the left side of the time travel device to travel.

How do you fix time tangled Island Poptropica?

Time Tangled Island, or what used to be known as Time Twisted Island lets makes you go back to different periods of times in order to fix the future. All you need to do is find a bunch of objects throughout time and bring them back to the future!

How to power up the future machine Poptropica?

To power up the Future Machine, go left and down to find the power supply. Push it together by walking towards it until it closes to activate it. Walk back to the door of the Future Machine, which will be pulsing blue, and click on it to enter. The future will be in ruins. You will meet yourself but 50 years older in the future.

How to get to time tangled Island Part 1?

Poptropica Time Tangled Island Walkthrough Part 1. Once you first arrive at Time Tangled Island go right until you reach an orange haired guy, talk to him and then enter the door that he goes into. Once through the door you need to go down all the way to the bottom. When you get to the bottom you will see an arrow on a wall.