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How does Ender manipulated?

How does Ender manipulated?

As Ender has been manipulated by others his whole life, he feels proud knowing he never manipulated others to get what he needed or wanted. By reminding himself that he is going to Command School of his own volition, Ender feels more empowered than simply letting Graff trick him. “Of course we tricked you into it.

How does Ender manipulate Bonzo?

Dink rushes in to try to convince Bonzo not to fight but he is pushed outside by the other kids. Ender asks Bonzo not to hurt him in order to provoke an attack, and Bonzo jumps at him. Ender avoids the attack and hits Bonzo in the face with the top of his head.

How does Mazer trick Ender?

After a year Ender finds it easy, and he says so to Graff. The next day Mazer Rackham introduces himself to Ender by attacking him and subduing him, explaining to the boy that he will be his teacher because he will be his enemy.

What does Ender want in Ender’s Game?

When the giant dies, Ender is taken into Fairyland but he feels since he killed to save his own life that he is just as bad as his brother Peter. So when he gets to the “end of the world” portion of the game in chapter 7, he wants to finish playing.

How does Graff lie to Ender?

More often than not, Colonel Graff’s lies to Ender are not outright, blatant lies. The lies that Graff gives are done by him not giving Ender all of the information. Graff lies about the boy that Ender “beat up” (killed). Yes, Ender did beat up the kid, but Graff hides the fact that Ender killed him.

When trying to convince Ender to come to Battle School What does Graff tell Ender will happen with his relationship with his family?

Graff wants Ender to choose to come to school because he will not do well if he does not go willingly. He makes Ender’s parents leave the room and tries to convince Ender to leave, by telling him how tough it will be. Graff tells him that he will not be able to see his sister for years.

Who is the smallest soldier in Ender’s army?

Ender practices with his army and singles out Bean, the smallest of the soldiers. He realizes he is acting just like Bonzo/Graff, and decides to change the way he interacts with his soldiers.

What army is Ender traded to at the end of Chapter 7?

Salamander Army
Ender leaves his food unfinished (Alai points out that he never finishes), and goes back to the barracks. But when the get back they find that Ender has been transferred to Salamander Army, under the command of Bonzo Madrid.

Why can’t Ender return home to Earth?

Ender cannot return to Earth in the earlier parts of the novel because he is still training for his mission to defeat the Buggers. Ender knows that if he returns to Earth he will become a symbolic figure. Peter will likely use him as figurehead in his schemes.

What is Ender finally realized?

What does Ender finally realize was “real”? He’s not a man of pleasure and feels that survival is more important than happiness. Ender wanted to beat the teachers by cheating as he felt they were his enemy. “All over, beat them.

Who married Ender?

Novinha Ribeira

Ender Wiggin
Family John Paul Wiggin (father) Theresa Wiggin (mother) Peter Wiggin (brother) Valentine Wiggin (sister)
Spouse Novinha Ribeira
Children Miro Ribeira (step-son) Ela Ribeira (step-daughter) Quim Ribeira (step-son) Olhado Ribeira (step-son) Quara Ribeira (step-daughter) Grego Ribeira (step-son)

Is Ender a killer?

Ender may be a survivor, but he isn’t a killer. No one can blame Ender” (12.59). No one can deny that with both Stilson and Bonzo, Ender didn’t pick the fight. And at least with Bonzo, the guy wanted Ender dead.

How did the government manipulate Ender in Ender’s game?

The government’s enforcement of abusive manipulation on Ender has affected his mental and emotional states. After all, the government initiated manipulation on Ender through the monitor, socially isolated Ender, and fed Ender endless lies to achieve what they wanted at the end.

Who is the author of the Ender’s game?

The Ender’s Game, written by Orson Scott Card, presents a futuristic setting where the government selectively chooses, controls and trains young prodigies to win the endless battles against the “buggers” or aliens.

How does Peter manipulate Valentine in Ender’s game?

While Peter uses force and fear tactics to manipulate others, Valentine uses a sweet and subtle method to get others to believe that what Valentine wants equals what they truly want. These powers of manipulation enable Valentine and Peter to eventually rule the world.

Why is there no more buggers in Ender’s game?

But Scott heavily implies that there is something more sinister going on. At one point, Dink Meeker, a friend of Ender’s, suggests a disturbing possibility: there are no more Buggers—the IF is fabricating the threat in order to maintain control of the world’s children.