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How much is a 1997 Barbie doll worth?

How much is a 1997 Barbie doll worth?

It came out in 1997 and today, it can be worth over $500 for collectors who have one in its original box! Why so expensive? This porcelain Barbie has over 50,000 stitches in her dress with over 175 Swarovski crystals hand sewn in.

Are old Holiday Barbies worth anything?

Holiday Barbies Worth Big Bucks The most valuable holiday Barbies are from the years 1988-1992. Dolls that are MIB (mint in box) from those years sell for between $40-$200. A set of NRFB (never removed from box) dolls from 1988 to 1998 can sell for around $1,000.

How much is a holiday Barbie worth?

The Carol Spencer Holiday Barbie was a 1994 special edition prototype that has been estimated to cost $999, but is currently on sale on eBay for a whopping $5,000. Carol Spencer was a designer for Mattel since the 1960s, hence the prototype name and the incredible value.

How do I know if my Barbie is valuable?

Even if a doll is in perfect condition, if the supply exceeds its demand on the market, it will likely be worth very little. Aside from rare collectors’ models, your Barbie’s age will be the most likely factor in determining its rarity; the older your doll is, the more rare it will probably be.

What are Barbies from the 90s worth?

This “Barbie Loves Elvis” collector’s doll set from 1997 is currently being sold for $149 on eBay. A “Jeweled Splendor” Barbie usually goes for around $150, while a Pink Splendor Barbie has sold for a whopping $1,000.

How do I know if my Barbie doll is valuable?

Are Barbies from the 90s worth anything?

Collectible Barbie dolls are some of the most valuable ’90s toys. A “Jeweled Splendor” Barbie usually goes for around $150, while a Pink Splendor Barbie has sold for a whopping $1,000.

What Barbie is worth the most money?

In this article, we explore the top 10 most expensive Barbie dolls in history. All prices indicated are in dollars.

  1. #1 The Most Expensive Barbie Doll – Barbie by Stefano Canturi – $302,500.
  2. #2 Barbie And The Diamond Castle – $94,800.
  3. #3 De Beers Barbie – $85,000.
  4. #4 1959 Barbie – $27,450.
  5. #5 Barbie in Midnight Red – $17,091.

What Barbies are worth a lot of money?

The 15 Most Valuable Barbie Dolls

  1. 1 Barbie by Stefano Centuri – $302,500.
  2. 2 Barbie and the Diamond Castle – $94,800.
  3. 3 40th Anniversary Barbie by De Beers – $85,000.
  4. 4 Original Barbie – $27,450.
  5. 5 Barbie in “Midnight Red” – $17,091.
  6. 6 Pink Diamond Barbie – $15,000.
  7. 7 Barbie In ‘Midnight Pink’ – $8,557.

Are Barbie dolls worth any money?

Some Barbie dolls are incredibly valuable. Original Barbie – The original first edition Barbie from 1959 is very rare. Money, Inc. reports that even in played-with condition, she is worth $8,000. In pristine condition, she could be worth more than $27,000.

Which Barbies are valuable?

Top 10 Most Expensive and Valuable Barbie Dolls #10 – Bob Mackie Gold Barbie: Over $150 #9 – Live Action Christie Barbie : $300 #8 – Pink Splendor Barbie: $350 #7 – Vintage Put-Ons and Pets Kitty Kapers: $500 #6 – Barbie, Ken and midge on Parade Gift Set: $600 #5 – Devi Kroell Barbie: $1075 #4 – Lorraine Schwartz Bling Barbie: $7500

What is the most expensive Barbie doll?

The most expensive Barbie doll in history is the Stefani Canturi Barbie, valued at a mind boggling $302,500. This highly prized collectible was manufactured in 2010 with elegant blonde hair and the traditional Barbie features.

What was the first Holiday Barbie doll?

In 1988, Mattel introduced the first Happy Holidays Barbie. It was considered the first collectible Barbie. The dolls sold quickly and commanded above-retail prices on the secondary market. The Happy Holidays Barbie became a popular Christmas gift for young girls.