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How much is an oil change at Speed Lube?

How much is an oil change at Speed Lube?

Our prices: Basic conventional oil change (up to 5 qt) – $36.95. Full-service conventional oil change (up to 5 qt) – $42.95.

How much does a dealership charge for an oil change?

Typically, an oil and filter change using conventional oil will cost between $35 and $75, depending on your area. If your car requires synthetic oil, you should expect to pay anywhere from $65 to $125.

Does Speed Lube rotate tires?

With our experienced technicians, Speed Lube Complete Auto Care is here for all your tire-related needs. From tire rotations, that’ll ensure tire wear off, to mounting and balancing offering you a smoother ride, we’ve got you covered. Track your tires’ performance by visiting us today.

Does Speed Lube do alignments?

Count on the wheel alignment experts at Speed Lube Complete Auto Care to get state-of-the-art digital and laser alignment services for your car or truck. You can get both front-end and 4-wheel alignment services. We can take care of your vehicle’s chassis adjustments as well.

Do car dealerships change oil before selling?

Most reputable dealers will change the oil and oil filter before the customer takes delivery of their new pre-used car. Reputable garages will change the oil and filter and a full safety check before selling a used car.

How long does a tire rotation take?

Typically, a tire rotation at our dealership takes anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. Every manufacturer will have different things to say about rotating the tires, but generally speaking, it should be completed with your oil change–every 5,000 miles or so.

Does Jiffy Lube align?

Jiffy Lube® uses an alignment machine to check your vehicle’s current alignment and as necessary, makes adjustments to return your vehicle to the correct alignment specifications. These wheel angle measurements show whether your wheels are within the alignment settings specified by your vehicle manufacturer.

Can you get a coupon for Shell rapid Lube?

At Shell Rapid Lube, it is possible to find any type of oil for your vehicle, and with coupons, you can save money on any kind of oil. Some coupons offer full service with the oil change of your choice. It can be synthetic, standard, conventional, or high mileage oil.

How much does an oil change package cost?

No matter which package fits your schedule and budget, the price you see is the price you will pay*. *Does not include tax, state fees or environmental fees. All pricing displayed is based on 15W40 oils, and does not include synthetic or semi-synthetic oils. Prices do not apply for customers on fleet PM programs.

How are oil change prices determined at Jiffy Lube?

Prices of oil change at Jiffy Lube car care centers are determined by the volume of the business or service that has been done. The service is done fast and they offer the most preventative maintenance services. They also have friendly faces that you feel are worth it when you are eventually paying for the service.

How much does a pit crew oil change cost?

Walmart Pit Crew Oil Change price starts from $19.88. You will receive 5 quarts of the state Quaker which is built with an advance durability feature and new oil filter. How much is a synthetic blend oil change at Jiffy Lube?