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How old is my Abu Garcia reel?

How old is my Abu Garcia reel?

This can be noted by opening the cover page of a Garcia Fishing Annual. The date is located at the bottom right hand corner of the first page and it will precede the year found on the magazines spine. A reel purchased sometime during the Summer of 1972 could have old stock parts from 1971 assembled to it.

Where is the model number on Abu Garcia reel?

Photograph of the model number (located above the handle/opposite side rod)

When did Abu become Abu Garcia?

Garcia was then also marketing another famous brand of reels the Mitchell spinning reel from France and has been doing so since 1947. However, in 1980 the partnership between Abu and Mitchell S.A. of France dwindled and Abu acquired the New Jersey based Garcia Tackle Company and changed the name to Abu Garcia.

What is the most expensive Penn reel?

Penn has its own expensive models, like Penn International Trolling Reels, that can cost up to a $1000, or Penn Torque Spinning Reel, with a price up to $700.

Are Abu Garcia reels made in Sweden?

Abu Garcia For Life In 2014, Abu Garcia will re-launch its iconic Swedish made round reels with newly updated editions of its original Record, C4, C3, Pro Rocket and Morrum Swedish-made round reels.

Is Abu Garcia a person?

ABU Garcia, originally AB Urfabriken, then ABU Svängsta, is a fishing reel and fishing equipment company founded in Sweden, and is now owned by Pure Fishing of the United States.

Are Abu Garcia reels good?

Abu Garcia makes some of the finest fishing reels in the world, and here at Sport Fishing Buddy we’ve featured many of their models at the top of our product reviews. However, finding the right Abu Garcia reel isn’t that easy, since they have so many great models to choose from.

Are Abu Garcia still made in Sweden?

No. The last spinning reel made in Sweden was their Abu Garcia Suverän. The most refined, unique spinning reel ever made. They spared nothing making that reel.

What kind of reel is 5000c De Luxe?

This is a very rare 5000C De Luxe 4-screw model. It certainly deserves the title as one of the hardest to find, much like the Record Ambassadeur 5000 anodized in green, Record Ambassadeur 5000 anodized in black and the left hand retrieve 5001C with grooved rims. In the Fall of 2009, as I was looking at reels on ebay, I came across a 5000C De Luxe.

How long have I been collecting Ambassadeur reels?

My name is Fred and I’ve collected Ambassadeur reels since late 1994. My introduction to collecting tackle started with lures and quickly spread to reels. As a young boy, my father frequently took me fishing. In the 1960s and 70s, Galveston, Texas was where my family spent its free time. One of my father’s favorite reels was the Ambassadeur 6000.

What kind of fishing reel does ABU Garcia use?

Up for sale is a vintage ABU GARCIA Ambassadeur 6500C and 5000C Bait casting Fishing Reels. Older bait casting reel by ABU Garcia made in Sweden. Foot more Numbers are 7 70904 and 7 412 0. They w ork great. Cranks smooth, clicking in strong and still looks good with normal use wear.

How many screws does an Abu 3000 reel have?

As one looks at the endplate opposite the handle, the reel will either have 3 or 4 screws. There is one exception to this statement. The ABU 3000 and Ambassadeur 4000 have 4 screws on the left side but are not considered by collectors as a 4-screw model.