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How old is the Lingyin Temple?

How old is the Lingyin Temple?

With a history of nearly 1700 years, Lingyin Temple is the oldest and most famous temple in Hangzhou. Located in the luxurious forest, it remains its charm with impressive landscape and Buddhist culture. You can enjoy the towering trees, numerous pagodas and Buddhist grottoes.

Where is the temple of Inspired Seclusion situated?

Located at the foot of the Lingyin Hill northwest of the city, Temple of Inspired Seclusion (Lingyin Temple) was built in the Eastern Jin dynasty (317-420). The 33.6-metre-high main hall (Sakyamuni Hall) is a masterpiece of ancient buildings with one story and doubled eaves.

How to get to Lingyin Temple?

To get there, you can take special tourist buses at Hangzhou Railway (main) Train Station, for example, 1 (Y1), 2 (Y2), 7/K7, Y13, or K807/K837. You should get off the bus at the station called Lingyin. It is situated 9 km away from the West Lake, which is on the west of the city.

Who is laughing Buddha?

The Laughing Buddha is a symbol of happiness, contentment and prosperity. He is called ‘Budai’ in Chinese. Some Buddhist traditions consider him a Buddha or ‘Bodhisattva’, usually Maitreya (the future Buddha). His large protruding stomach and jolly smile have given him the common designation “Laughing Buddha”.

Is Buddha a god?

Buddhism Beliefs Followers of Buddhism don’t acknowledge a supreme god or deity. The religion’s founder, Buddha, is considered an extraordinary being, but not a god. The word Buddha means “enlightened.” The path to enlightenment is attained by utilizing morality, meditation and wisdom.

Which Buddha is for money?

Laughing Buddha
ManyFeng Shui masters referred Laughing Buddha as the Buddha of Wealth. This is because of the image of the Laughing Buddha is believed to attract unlimited of prosperity and abundance of wealth lucks.

Did Buddha consider himself a God?

The Buddha Never Considered Himself Savior or the Guardian of Truth. According to foundational Buddhist scriptures, Gautama Buddha claimed to be an ordinary man—not a God, superhuman, or prophet. The Buddha presented himself as a philosopher, an enlightened human being.

Does Buddha money?

Known to bring happiness, prosperity and good fortune, the Buddha is a part of every home, in the form of paintings and statues, even today. If you are looking for an ideal Feng Shui tool to attract wealth and abundance for your family, there are some special Buddha statues you can choose for your house.

What does a female Buddha stand for?

She is the feminine counterpart of the bodhisattva (“buddha-to-be”) Avalokiteshvara. She symbolizes purity and is often represented standing at the right hand of her consort, Avalokiteshvara, or seated with legs crossed, holding a full-blown lotus. She is generally shown with a third eye.

Did Buddha worship god?

Public worship Most Buddhists do not believe in God. Although they respect and look up to the Buddha , they do not believe he was a god but they worship him as a form of respect. By doing this they show reverence and devotion to the Buddha and to bodhisattas .

What was the original name of Lingyin Temple?

Seeing the dense forest and puffy clouds, Kangxi named Lingyin Temple as “Yunlin Chan Temple” (云林禅寺). However, people got accustomed to calling it Lingyin Temple, so its original name keeps till today. With such a long history, Lingyin Temple has experienced damage and renovation several times.

How long does it take to visit Lingyin Temple?

As an important Buddhist temple in the region, Lingyin Temple also contains a large collection of Buddhist treasures and relics, which are significant for the development of Buddhism in the region. Time needed for a visit: 1 hour.

Which is the oldest Buddhist temple in China?

Built in the 1st year of the Xianhe ruling period in the Eastern Jin Dynasty (A.D.326), it has a history of nearly 1700 years. It is known as the oldest temple in Hangzhou and one of the Top 10 ancient temples of Chinese Buddhism. In Chinese, “Lingyin” means a place where fairies live in seclusion.

How tall is the Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou?

With a height of 24.8 meters, it is one of the biggest camphor-wooden sitting statues and one treasured religious artwork. Behind the giant statue is a group of stereoscopic statues: Bodhisattva carrying holy bottle, surrounded by 150 small figures. You can also enjoy many lively scenes described in Buddhist sutras.