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Is mustard a kharif or Rabi?

Is mustard a kharif or Rabi?

Complete answer: Mustard is a rabi crop that is widely grown in India.

Is mustard is a rabi crop?

Major rabi crops include gram, masur dal, wheat and mustard.

Is mustard a kharif?

In India, the main Rabi crops include wheat, barley, mustard, sesame, peas, etc. Barley and Mustard crops are not Kharif crops.

Is mustard grown in Rabi season?

Climatic Requirements Require cool and dry weather and a fair supply of soil moisture during the growing period and a dry clear weather at the time of maturity. In India they are grown in Rabi season from September-October to February-March.

Is mustard a Zaid crop?

Important crops grown in this season are wheat, barley, jowar, gram, mustard and linseed. The zaid is the summer crop season. Rice, maize, vegetables, sunflower and groundnut are grown during this season. Crops may be broadly divided into two groups – food grains and non-food grains.

Is sugarcane Zaid or kharif?

Kharif Season Crops : These crops are grown during the rainy season from the month of June to October, e.g., Paddy (rice), soyabean, Sugar cane.

Is potato a rabi crop?

Rabi crops, which are also known as winter crops, are the crops that are grown in the winter season (October or November). Some of the main rabi crops of India include wheat, gram, oat, barley, potato, and seeds like mustard, linseed, sunflower, coriander, cumin, etc.

Is Toria a mustard?

Rapeseed crop is known by different names in different places e.g. sarson, toria, or lahi, while mustard is known as rai, or raya or laha. the area under rape seed – mustard followed by toria, yellow sarson and brown sarson. Taramira is raised on very poor sandy soils with low rainfall.

What month is mustard harvested?

Mustard Seed is Rabi crop in India and its sowing commences from October and continues till December end. Harvesting of the crop starts from Mid February and market will the arrivals from February end.

Which is not a zaid crop?

Detailed Solution. The correct answer is option 1, i.e Mustard. Kharif Crops: Kharif crops are also known as monsoon crops as they are cultivated in the monsoon season.

Is Mango A zaid crop?

No mango is not a zaid crop…

Is tea a Zaid crop?

Food grains (Rice, Wheat, Maize, Millets and Pulses), Cash Crops (Cotton, Jute, Sugarcane, Tobacco, and Oilseeds), Plantation Crops (Tea, Coffee, Coconut and, Rubber) and Horticulture crops such as Fruits and Vegetables. Zaid Crop This crop is grown in some parts of country during March to June.

What is the major difference between Rabi and Kharif crops?

What is the major difference between Rabi and Kharif crops? The major difference is that the Rabi crops are grown in the winter season whereas the Kharif crops are grown in the monsoon season. Also Read: Crop production Test your Knowledge on difference between rabi and kharif crops

What kind of crops are grown in Rabi season?

The Rabi means, when the crop is harvested and crops that are grown in the winter season, from November to April are called Rabi Crops. Some of the important Rabi crops are wheat, barley, rapeseed, peas, gram, and mustard.

When is the harvest of Kharif crops in India?

Paddy, Maize, Bajra, Millet, Cotton, Ragi, and Jowar are a few of the Kharif crops grown in India. The Kharif crops are associated with the monsoon season. They are sown in June and July and are harvested in autumn months that means in September and October.

When is the best time to harvest Rabi?

Rabi crops are known as winter crops. They are grown in October or November. The crops are then harvested in spring. These crops require frequent irrigation because these are grown in dry areas.