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Is Phantom Hourglass the same link?

Is Phantom Hourglass the same link?

Characters and motifs from Phantom Hourglass Phantom Hourglass is a direct sequel to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and is set several months after the events of The Wind Waker in the “Adult Link” Timeline.

How long is spirit tracks after Phantom Hourglass?

Unlike the last Legend of Zelda twofer I wrote about, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks are not as intrinsically linked. Taking place approximately a hundred years after Phantom Hourglass (and on a totally different continent), Spirit Tracks is more of a spiritual successor, pun only partially intended.

Can you play Phantom Hourglass switch?

The Nintendo Switch has a touch screen of its own, but the console can also be docked and played on a TV like a traditional gaming console. This creates a unique problem for The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass on Switch, as it can’t expect players to only play the game in docked mode.

How many heart containers are in Phantom Hourglass?

13 Heart Containers
Phantom Hourglass features 13 Heart Containers scattered across the World of the Ocean King, giving Link a maximum of 16 hearts. Of the 13 Heart Containers Link can find, 7 of them are found as rewards for defeating the various bosses at the 7 Temples scattered around the world.

What happens to Link after Phantom Hourglass?

The Destructive One. What happens: Link, Tetra and probably Linebeck travel until they find this land that they name new Hyrule and they found a kingdom there. Link settles by the sea, but still travels around the land.

Is the Triforce in Phantom Hourglass?

Even if you don’t draw it somewhat perfect like this, the game will recognize it as a Triforce; just remember not to overlap lines. Basically, you follow the numbers from one through to seven. The lines are even colour coded so you know where to stop and where to start the next line.

Is Spirit Tracks a sequel to Phantom Hourglass?

Synopsis. Spirit Tracks takes place at the end of the “Adult Timeline” within the Zelda continuity: it takes place a century following the events of The Wind Waker and its direct sequel Phantom Hourglass.

Is Spirit Tracks better than Phantom Hourglass?

Some players believe Phantom Hourglass has a better over-world, and some fans believe that Spirit Tracks has better dungeons. Both over-worlds are constrained to the movements of either boat or train, so opinions may come down to freedom of maneuverability and entertainment offered while traveling the set paths.

Is Spirit tracks better than Phantom Hourglass?

How do you move in Phantom Hourglass?

Movement. Wherever you want Link to move to on the screen, guide the pointer to that location and Link will go there. The farther away you point the stylus from him the faster he runs. Conversely, if you point just a few centimeters away from him Link will take his sweet time in a slow walk.

How do you get more hearts in Phantom Hourglass?

From any island shop. After clearing the Goron Temple and buying a series of upgraded bags for your weapons (Bomb Bag, Quiver and Bombchu Bag in that order), the Heart Container will be available for purchase for 2,000 Rupees.

Where are all the power gems in Zelda Phantom Hourglass?

Phantom Hourglass Power Gems

  • Power Gem #1. Location: Isle of Ember.
  • Power Gem #2. Location: Cannon Island.
  • Power Gem #3. Location: Isle of Gust.
  • Power Gem #4. Location: Temple of Wind.
  • Power Gem #5. Location: Mercay Island.
  • Power Gem #6. Location: Mercay Island or Mailbag.
  • Power Gem #7. Location: Mercay Island.
  • Power Gem #8.