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What are examples of details?

What are examples of details?

Frequency: The definition of detail is to describe or give information about something, or to clean and shine all parts of an automobile. When you describe your plan to a friend, this is an example of when you detail your plan. Washing and waxing the dashboard of a car is an example of a step to detail a car.

What does it mean if something is detailed?

The definition of detailed is something that has many intricate and complex decorative features, or something that has many facts and is very specific and careful. …

What does detail mean in reading?

Detailed reading means reading something carefully to get accurate information. You would do this if you had to read long or complicated material in a book or a report. You have seen how skimming and scanning can help you to decide: how useful a text is going to be.

What is the beginning of something called?

onset. noun. the beginning of something, especially something bad.

What is a good sentence for details?

1, He enforced his argument by adding details. 2, She does not enjoy the details of housekeeping. 3, We’re focusing too much on irrelevant details. 4, I’d like to know more details.

What is the difference between details and examples?

As you can see here, an example gives a single instance of something, while details give further explanation of something.

What is difference between detail and detailed?

) In general, detail is a noun and detailed is an adjective, so in that sentence, detailed would be better.

What is another word for very detailed?

What is another word for detailed?

intricate elaborate
thorough particularizedUS
extensive particular
full studied
precise perfected

What is the important of noting details?

Noting details is an important reading comprehension skill. When children note details, they become able to perform more difficult comprehension skill like summarizing and synthesizing.

What are key details of a story?

Key details: In the context of literature, key details relate to story grammar elements—that is, character, setting, problem, major events, and resolution—and how they interact.

What is existing or occurring at the beginning?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for EXISTING AT OR FROM THE BEGINNING [primordial]

What’s another way to say from the start?

What is another word for from the start?

ab initio initially
in the first place at the outset
in the beginning in the first instance
incipiently in the early days
at the beginning before all else