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What are the problems faced by the villages in India discuss any three?

What are the problems faced by the villages in India discuss any three?

poverty,unemployment , transportation problem,lack of awareness in government policy,superstition ,infrastucture and many more majar problem are there…

What are the problems facing rural areas?

Challenges of rural development

  • High population density.
  • Poor infrastructure.
  • High level of illiteracy.
  • Extreme poverty.
  • Rural urban migration.
  • Low social interaction.

What is the difference between city and village?

A village is a small community in a rural area. A town is a populated area with fixed boundaries and a local government. A city is a large or important town.

What are the major problems of India?

What are the current major issues in India?

  • Corruption. The most widely spread endemic in India is corruption, which must be handled quickly and wisely.
  • Illiteracy. The percentage of illiteracy in India is alarming.
  • Education System.
  • Basic Sanitation.
  • Healthcare System.
  • Poverty.
  • Pollution.
  • Women’s Safety.

What are the main problems in village?

The major problems that have been identified are, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, homelessness and crime and violence. Poverty is the condition, when the individuals experience scarcity of resources that are necessary to sustain their living conditions appropriately.

Are the problems of rural?

Common challenges to unleashing the potential of rural areas include low productivity; underinvestment in agriculture and non-farm rural employment; lack of adequate infrastructure; poor occupational safety and health and working conditions; and limited or no access to services, including financial services.

What is better village or city?

While village life has many advantages, including less noise, beautiful natural landscapes, less pollution, fresh air and less congestion, the statistics does not favor the village folks worldwide. …

What are the advantages of living in a village?

Advantages of Village Life

  • In villages the environment is peaceful.
  • Villagers get abundant opportunities to enjoy the beautiful gifts of nature.
  • People living in villages breathe pure air.
  • People living in villages are healthier, active, and simpler in habits than the people living in towns.

What is the biggest problem?

Top 10 Biggest Issues in the World Today

  • Poverty. More than 70 percent of the people in the world own less than $10,000 — or roughly 3 percent of total wealth in the world.
  • Religious Conflict & War.
  • Political Polarization.
  • Government Accountability.
  • Education.
  • Food and Water.
  • Health in Developing Nations.
  • Credit Access.

What is the biggest economic problem of India?

The primary economic issues in India are: Low per capita income. Huge dependence of population on agriculture. Heavy population pressure.

What is the biggest problem in the world today?

What are the disadvantages of villages?

Disadvantages of Village Life The educational advantages are often few and difficult to secure, and opportunities for work are far less than in the city. Life in the village may become dull, and engender a lack of brightness and polish which puts the village people at a disadvantage beside the town dweller.

What are some problems faced for rural development in India?

Some of the problems faced for rural development in India are as follows: 1. The financial, manpower and managerial resources devoted to the implementation of rural development programmes are utterly inadequate. 2.

What are the major problems of Indian villages are facing?

Family Planning – hah, the biggest problem. they just dont know how to control and increase their family size like they are competing for guinness world record. One man and 12–16 kids. well there are more. but yeah.. these are some i find the most troubling. Originally Answered: What are the problems of Indian villagers?

What are the problems of young people in India?

Abstract The young people in the age group of 10-24 yr in India constitutes one of the precious resources of India characterized by growth and development and is a phase of vulnerability often influenced by several intrinsic and extrinsic factors that affect their health and safety.

Are there any problems with restrictions in villages?

Another problem surrounding restrictions is that a lot of restriction enforcement is only being done when residents report other residents for violations. As you can imagine this can create animosity among neighbors which isn’t good for any community.