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What are two synonyms protest?

What are two synonyms protest?

synonyms for protest

  • challenge.
  • dissent.
  • objection.
  • outcry.
  • question.
  • revolt.
  • riot.
  • turmoil.

What is the synonym of impulse?

Some common synonyms of impulse are goad, incentive, inducement, motive, and spur. While all these words mean “a stimulus to action,” impulse suggests a driving power arising from personal temperament or constitution.

What is the best synonym of protest?

Synonyms & Antonyms of protest

  • challenge,
  • complaint,
  • demur,
  • demurral,
  • demurrer,
  • difficulty,
  • exception,
  • expostulation,

What is a word for not jealous?

unenvious, liberal, genial, self-denying, indifferent, unjealous. Synonyms: envious, self-anxious, covetous, invidious, suspicious.

How do you describe a jealous person?

To be jealous is to feel resentment, bitterness, or hostility toward someone because they have something that you don’t. This feeling or the state of feeling this way is called jealousy. Jealous can describe someone who is feeling or is prone to jealousy. This sense of jealous is very similar in meaning to envious.

What is WHIM syndrome?

WHIM syndrome is a rare primary immunodeficiency disorder, which are disorders in which the body’s immune system does not function properly. WHIM is an acronym for some of the characteristic symptoms of the disorder – (w)arts, (h)ypogammaglobulinemia, (i)nfections, and (m)yelokathexis.

What is a synonym for protest?

protest, objection, dissent(noun) the act of protesting; a public (often organized) manifestation of dissent. Synonyms: dissent, remonstrance, remonstration, objection, protestation, expostulation. protest(verb) the act of making a strong public expression of disagreement and disapproval.

What is another word for peaceful protest?

other words for peaceful protest. demonstration. protest. revolt. riot. sit-down. walkout. complaint. fast.

What is another word for protester?

dissenter, dissident, protester, objector, contestant(noun) a person who dissents from some established policy. Synonyms: contestant, dissident, dissenter, demonstrator, objector. demonstrator, protester(noun) someone who participates in a public display of group feeling.