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What could be the challenges in drug administration?

What could be the challenges in drug administration?

Issues included the safety and compatibility of syringes, filtration, smart pumps, beyond-use dates, closed-system transfer devices, risk measurement, traceability and labeling. The hospital drug-use process is complex and the administration of drugs to patients presents many challenges and opportunities [1].

What is the management of drug?

Medication management is the process of overseeing the medications prescribed for a patient to ensure they are taken properly and achieving their planned, therapeutic outcome.

What causes medication errors?

The most common causes of medication errors are: Poor communication between your doctors. Poor communication between you and your doctors. Drug names that sound alike and medications that look alike.

Who can dispense medication in South Africa?

Section 22A (14)(b) no nurse or a person registered under the Health Professions Act, 1974, other than a medical practitioner or dentist, may prescribe a medicine or Scheduled substance unless he or she has been authorised to do so by his or her professional council concerned .

What is good medicines management?

Good medicines management, is an integral part of most nursing and midwifery practice and includes the administration of medicines, prescribing and supporting people to take their medicines correctly.

What are the 5 components of MTM?

MTM includes five core elements: medication therapy review, a personal medication record, a medication-related action plan, intervention or referral, and documentation and follow-up.

What is a dispensing course?

This Dispensing Course is designed to enable healthcare professionals to dispense and to ensure the quality use of medicines prescribed to the patient to improve their health status. At the end of the course the participants will be able to: dispense a prescription. manage the procurement and storage of medicines.

What must be on a prescription to make it legal?

For a pharmacist to dispense a controlled substance, the prescription must include specific information to be considered valid:

  • Date of issue.
  • Patient’s name and address.
  • Clinician name, address, DEA number.
  • Drug name.
  • Drug strength.
  • Dosage form.
  • Quantity prescribed.
  • Directions for use.