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What did Arthur Ashe study in college?

What did Arthur Ashe study in college?

In 1966 Arthur graduated with a degree in business administration, the first member on the paternal side of his family to graduate college. In addition to finishing his studies Arthur had in 1965 won the individual NCAA championship and had significantly contributed to UCLA’s winning the team NCAA tennis championship.

Did Arthur Ashe attend UCLA?

College Years Upon graduating from high school first in his class, Arthur went to UCLA, which had one of the best college tennis programs. Playing there brought him more recognition amongst tennis enthusiasts.

What college did Arthur Ashe get a scholarship to?

Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr., was born in Richmond on July 10, 1943. He first picked up a tennis racket as a young boy at a segregated playground near his home. Ashe attended U.C.L.A. on a full scholarship and in 1963 became the first African-American member of the U.S. Davis Cup Team.

Did Arthur Ashe graduate first in his high school?

He graduated first in his class from Sumner High School in 1961 and accepted a tennis scholarship to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). In 1962 Ashe was the fifth-ranked junior player in the country.

Did Arthur Ashe go to school?

Maggie L. Walker Governor’s SchooI
University of California, Los AngelesSumner High School
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Who is Arthur’s daughter?

Camera Ashe
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What killed Arthur Ashe?

Arthur Ashe/Cause of death
ESPN Classic – Arthur Ashe, 49, dies of pneumonia. Arthur Ashe, the first African-American to win the U.S. Open (1968), Australian Open (1970) and Wimbledon (1975), dies of pneumonia, a complication of AIDS, at New York Hospital in Manhattan.

What majors did Arthur Ashe win?

(July 10, 1943 – February 6, 1993) was an American professional tennis player who won three Grand Slam singles titles. He was the first black player selected to the United States Davis Cup team and the only black man ever to win the singles title at Wimbledon, the US Open, and the Australian Open. He retired in 1980.

Who was Arthur Ashe father?

Arthur Ashe Sr.
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Early life. Arthur Ashe was born in Richmond, Virginia, to Arthur Ashe Sr. (d. 1989) and Mattie Cordell Cunningham Ashe on July 10, 1943. He had a brother, Johnnie, who was five years younger than he.

How old was Arthur Ashe when he passed away?

49 years (1943–1993)
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Has anyone ever been killed by a tennis ball?

Richard Wertheim ( c. 1923—September 15, 1983) was an American tennis linesman who suffered a fatal injury on September 10, 1983, during a match at the 1983 US Open. He was injured when Stefan Edberg sent an errant serve directly into his groin. Wertheim was sitting in a chair and officiating at the center line.

What ended Arthur Ashe’s career?

Ashe almost defeated John McEnroe (1959–) in the Masters final in New York in January 1979, and was a semi-finalist at Wimbledon that summer before a heart attack soon after the tournament ended his career. After heart surgery Ashe announced his retirement from competitive tennis.

What was Arthur Ashe known for?

Arthur Ashe is best known for being the first black man ever to win the men’s singles title at Wimbledon (1975), the US Open (1968), or the Australian Open (1970). Outside of this, he has a bunch of other notable achievements: In 1958, he became the first African-American to play in the Maryland boys’ championships.

How did Arthur Ashe die?

Arthur Ashe died in New York City on February 6, 1993, from AIDS-related pneumonia. Four days later, he was laid to rest in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia.

Where is Arthur Ashe from?

Born in Richmond, Virginia, in 1943, by the age of eleven, Arthur Ashe was one of the state’s most talented black tennis players. He became the first African American to play for the US Davis Cup team in 1963, and two years later he won the NCAA singles championship.