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What does clear-cut case mean?

What does clear-cut case mean?

clear-cut. adjective. us/ˈklɪərˈkʌt/ not having any characteristics that would cause doubt or uncertainty: It was a clear-cut case of fraud.

What are clear-cut features?

formed with or having clearly defined outlines: a face with clear-cut features. unambiguously clear; completely evident; definite: His sale of secrets was a clear-cut example of treachery.

What is a clear-cut answer?

(idiomatic) Straightforward, obvious, simple, or basic. It looks like a simple enough problem, but the answer might not be as clear cut as you suppose.

Is clear-cut an idiom?

This Idiomatic Phrasal-Adjective — (to be) “Clear-Cut” — (as in: a decision / an answer / some information) — is used to describe some piece of information which is very “clear” — (simple / decisive / easy to comprehend / etc.)

What is the human use of clear cutting?

In addition to the purpose of harvesting wood, clearcutting is used to create land for farming.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of clear cutting?

What Are Some Advantages & Disadvantages of Clear Cutting?

  • Pro: Financial Reasons. Clearcutting advocates argue that the method is the most efficient for both harvesting and replanting trees.
  • Con: Effects on Plant and Wildlife.
  • Pro: Increased Water Flow.
  • Con: Loss of Recreation Land.
  • Pro: Increased Farmland.

What are the advantages of clear cutting?

Clearcutting pros: It creates wide, open spaces with lots of sun exposure. This allows the most sunlight to reach tree seedlings that require full-sun conditions to thrive. Clearcutting also creates forest clearings that are habitat for some species of songbirds, deer and elk.

Is clear cutting good?

Clearcuts can be beneficial to wildlife. New openings grow very quickly into small trees and berry- and seed-producing shrubs, which provide both food and shelter for wildlife. Clearcutting increases the biological diversity of the forest, which enhances the habitat for a variety of wildlife.

What is a clear-cut diamond?

Carat refers to how much the diamond weighs. Clarity refers to how clear the diamond is ( it grades the amount, intensity and position of inclusions). This goes from flawless, internally flawless, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, I1-3. Cut refers to how well the diamond is proportioned.

Why is clear cutting so bad?

Clearcutting may lead to increased stream flow during storms, loss of habitat and species diversity, opportunities for invasive and weedy species, and negative impacts on scenery, specifically, a growth of contempt by those familiar with the area for the wooded, planet aftermaths, as well as a decrease in property …

Why is clear felling bad?

Clear-fells leave soils exposed to erosion. Felled sites can rapidly become weedy and attract insect and animal pests. Felled sites often need to be left fallow for several years to reduce the threat of insect pests.

What are the negative effects of clear-cutting?

Which is the best definition of the word clear cut?

1. formed with or having clearly defined outlines. 2. unambiguously clear; completely evident; definite: a clear-cut case of treason. 3. of or pertaining to a section of forest where all trees have been cut down (as for harvesting).

Who are clear cut farmers according to Merriam Webster?

— Daniel Goleman … native rain forest experts who harvest plants for traditional healers, make from two to 10 times per hectare the income of a farmer who clear-cuts the forest for planting crops. — Cathy Sears and Robert Neuwirth “Clear-cut.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster,

What does it mean to clear cut trees?

: to cut down all the trees in (an area of forest) He says there has been a massive deforestation as the Chinese have clear-cut millions of acres of Tibetan Forests to sell lumber on the export market …

Which is the best definition of clear felling?

1. Distinctly and sharply defined or outlined: “The tall houses cast long clear-cut shadows westward” (J.R.R. Tolkien). 2. Not ambiguous; clear and obvious: clear-cut evidence of wrongdoing. See Synonyms at apparent. 3. Having been logged by clear-cutting. To remove all of the trees in (a tract of timberland) at one time.