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What does the name Felicia means?

What does the name Felicia means?

lucky, fortunate
Meaning:lucky, fortunate, or happy.

Is Felicia an Irish name?

Felicia Origin and Meaning The name Felicia is a girl’s name of Spanish, Latin origin meaning “lucky”.

Is Bye, Felicia a bad word?

According to Ice Cube, who starred in the film and co-wrote its script, “Bye, Felicia” is “the phrase ‘to get anyone out of your face’,” and, as it was used in the Friday scene, is generally intended as a dismissive send-off.

What does Felicia mean in the Bible?

Baby name meanings, origin and religion. The name Felicia derives from the Latin adjective felix, meaning “happy”, though in the neuter plural form felicia it literally means “happy things” and often occurred in the phrase tempora felicia, “happy times”.

Is Felicia a woman’s name?


Gender Female
Word/name Latin
Meaning happiness
Other names

Where is the name Felicia most popular?

Felicia has been used regularly among the English, the Spanish as well as Slavic people and Scandinavians. Today the name is most popular in Sweden where it’s a Top 40 choice for baby girls.

What is another name for Felicia?


Meaning happiness
Other names
Short form(s) Licia, Fish, Lica, Elle, Fliss, Felly, Lish, Fia, Ellie
Related names Felix, Felicity, Félicie

Is Felicia a French name?

Felicia is French Girl name and meaning of this name is “Lucky, Successful”.

How old is Angela Means?

57 years (November 19, 1963)
Angela Means/Age

What is Filicia?

In French Baby Names the meaning of the name Filicia is: Great happiness.

What is the meaning of the word Felicia?

The meaning of Felicia is ‘lucky, happy, successful’. It is derived from the word felix which is of the meaning ‘lucky’. The name evolved as a Latinized feminine form of Felix; it has been used by English speakers since the medieval period. Felicia is a form of the English Felicity.

Which is the correct spelling Bye Felicia or Felisha?

The term bye Felicia has been popular in Black culture since the 1990s when the film was released, although the original spelling of the name “Felisha” has changed to the more common (and, some would point out, more “white”) spelling, Felicia.

What kind of name is Felicia in Darkstalkers?

A female given name from Latin, feminine form of Felix. Felicia is a fictional character in the Darkstalkers series of fighting games by Capcom.

What is the meaning of Bye Felisha in Friday?

“Bye, Felisha” is a line spoken by Ice Cube’s character, Craig, in the 1995 cult stoner comedy film, Friday.