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What does the word gallantly mean in the outsiders?

What does the word gallantly mean in the outsiders?

gallant 1 showy and lively in dress or manner 2 stately; imposing 3 brave and noble; high-spirited and daring. In the book The Outsiders, by S. E. Hinton, Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally can be described as heroes because they are not afraid to step up, and help people.

What does gallantly mean in The Outsiders Chapter 3?

gallantly. polite and attentive. ornery. having an irritable disposition. You just studied 12 terms!

What does rebellious mean in the outsiders?

rebellious. resisting control or authority. Living in those conditions might have turned someone else rebellious and bitter; it was killing Johnny.

Why is nothing gold can stay in the outsiders?

One line in the poem reads, “Nothing gold can stay,” meaning that all good things must come to an end. By the end of the novel, the boys apply this idea to youthful innocence, believing that they cannot remain forever unsullied by the harsh realities of life. Here, Johnny urges Ponyboy to remain gold, or innocent.

Who is Randy’s best friend?

Robert Sheldon
Randy Adderson (called Randy Anderson in the film) is a Soc in The Outsiders, and a minor antagonist turned supporting tritagonist. His girlfriend is Marcia, and his best friend was Robert Sheldon, whom he met in grade school.

Who died in The Outsiders?

Three major characters who die in the novel The Outsiders are Bob Sheldon, Johnny Cade, and Dallas Winston.

What does defiant mean in English?

English Language Learners Definition of defiant : refusing to obey something or someone : full of defiance. See the full definition for defiant in the English Language Learners Dictionary. defiant. adjective. de·​fi·​ant | \ di-ˈfī-ənt \

What signs are rebels?

They didn’t care if their actions alienated authority. And while we’re on that subject, these zodiac signs are the most rebellious: Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

Is ornery an insult?

It means grouchy, grumpy, cranky or crotchety (another cringe-worthy word). They’re the type of people who actively work to make you dislike them, as if they’re incapable of being pleasant around others. In other words, ornery is not a word you use to describe someone you like.

Is Onery a word?

As adjectives the difference between ornery and onery is that ornery is (appalachian) cantankerous, stubborn, disagreeable while onery is (us|particularly|southern us).

Is Ponyboy still gold at the end of the story?

Carroll Khan, M.A. Towards the end of chapter 9, Johnny’s final words to Ponyboy before he dies are to “Stay gold,” which is his way of telling Ponyboy to remain innocent and recognize the positive aspects of life.