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What happened Duranice pace?

What happened Duranice pace?

Evangelist Duranice Pace, a member of family gospel group, The Anointed Pace Sisters, passed away from health complications on January 14, 2021. She was 62 years old.

Is Duranice pace Dead?

Deceased (1958–2021)
Duranice Pace/Living or Deceased

What did Duranice Pace died from?

January 14, 2021
Duranice Pace/Died

Which of the Pace Sisters died?

The gospel singer passed away on Thursday, according to her family. Duranice Pace, a gospel singer and member of the group the Pace Sisters, passed away on Thursday (January 14). She was 62.

How many Pace sisters are still alive?

The group is made up of nine sisters who are: Duranice Ann Pace (May 13, 1958 – January 14, 2021), Phyllis Yvonne Pace (born February 22, 1959), June Lorraine Pace–Martin (born February 13, 1960), Tarrian LaShun Pace (born September 6, 1961), Melonda Pace (born December 10, 1963), Dejuaii Pace (born April 24, 1965).

Is LaShun Pace sick?

“Despite rumors and hearsay, Pace is doing well and has been cleared by her physician to resume concert dates,” the news release stated. “Pace was released from the hospital a week after her surgery and was instructed by her medical team to cease all travel until she was able to fully recuperate.”

Is lashun pace sick?

How old was Duranice pace when she died?

62 years (1958–2021)
Duranice Pace/Age at death

ATLANTA — Legendary Atlanta gospel singing sensation and evangelist Duranice Pace has passed away at the age of 62 years old.

How old is LaShun pace now?

60 years (September 6, 1961)
LaShun Pace/Age

How many pace sisters are still alive?

Did Steve Harvey Buy Duranice pace a car?

He told the singer, “You think I’m helping you, but you[‘re] really helping me.” Later in the show, the gospel singer gave an emotional performance, before Harvey revealed that he would be buying her a car to help with her financial troubles.

Who is the oldest Pace sister?

Dr. Duranice Pace
The eldest sister, Evangelist Dr. Duranice Pace, one of the group’s lead vocalists and songwriters, died on January 14, 2021….

The Anointed Pace Sisters
Background information
Members Phyllis Pace June Pace–Martin Melonda Pace Dejuaii Pace Leslie Pace Latrice Pace Lydia Pace

Who are the members of the anointed pace sisters?

Tarrian LaShun Pace (sometimes credited as LaShun Pace Rhodes or Shun Pace Rhodes) is an American gospel singer, Stellar Award winner, and evangelist.Born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1956 and raised in a small community called Poole Creek, Pace first emerged during the mid-1970s, performing alongside her siblings in the group The Anointed Pace Sisters.

When did LaShun Pace leave the pace sisters?

The Anointed Pace Sisters were the focus of national attention. At this point, LaShun was the Anointed Pace Sisters’ signature voice, so when a series of management and booking complications sidelined the group temporarily, she continued her solo career, waxing a series of albums for Savoy between 1993 and 2004.

Who are the eight Sisters of Duranice Pace?

Duranice Pace was born May 13th, 1958 in Atlanta, Georgia to Pastor Murphy J. Pace, Sr and Mother Bettie Ann Pace. She was the eldest of eight sisters, Phyllis Pace, June Pace–Martin, LaShun Pace, Melonda Pace, Dejuaii Pace, Leslie Pace, Latrice Pace, Lydia Pace.

What kind of singers are the pace sisters?

Take the cherubic close harmonies of the Ward Singers in their prime, add the muscular and evangelistic singing of the Davis Sisters, throw in the contemporary flair of the Clark Sisters and you have the Anointed Pace Sisters.