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What happened to Andres Herrera?

What happened to Andres Herrera?

Paris Saint-German’s manager, Thomas Tuchel, has said that Ander Herrera died in the dressing room after the 3-0 victory over Rennes on Saturday. The Ligue 1 champions were depleted for their Ligue 1 match, with Kylian Mbappe, Neymar and Marco Verratti missing due to injury. He died in the dressing room tonight.

How old is Herrera?

32 years (14 August 1989)
Ander Herrera/Age

Is Ander Herrera Mexican?

Ander Herrera Agüera (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈandeɾ eˈreɾa aˈɣweɾa]; born 14 August 1989) is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain.

Who died in PSG?

Jean-Pierre Adams
Former PSG player Jean-Pierre Adams dies after 39 years in a coma.

What does the name Herrera mean?

Spanish and Jewish (Sephardic): habitational name from villages so called in the provinces of Seville and Badajoz, from a word meaning ‘iron smithy’, ‘blacksmith’s forge’ (a derivative of hierro ‘iron’, Latin ferrum). The place name is derived from Latina ferraria ‘iron-mine’, ‘iron-forge’. …

How old is Herrera from Mexico?

31 years (19 April 1990)
Héctor Herrera/Age

Do Andy and Maya become friends again?

The episode ends with a heart-to-heart conversation between Andy and Maya. “When I’m made captain, it’s not going to be because my friend gave me her job,” Andy lovingly tells Maya, indicating that they are still friends.

What team is Hector Herrera on?

Mexico national football team#16 / Midfielder
Atlético Madrid#16 / Midfielder
Héctor Herrera/Current teams

Where is Hector Herrera from?

Rosarito, Mexico
Héctor Herrera/Place of birth

Is Jean Adams still in coma?

Jean-Pierre Adams, a European soccer star who had been in a coma for nearly four decades after a botched medical procedure, has died. Paris Saint-Germain, one of Adams’ former clubs, announced his death Monday in a statement on its website. He was 73.

Which PSG player died recently?

Jean-Pierre Adams, who played for France, Paris Saint-Germain and Nice during his career, has passed away following 39 years in a coma. Former France and Paris Saint-Germain defender Jean-Pierre Adams has died aged 73 after spending 39 years in a coma.

Is Herrera common name?

Herrera is the 33rd most common Hispanic surname. Herrera may also be seen spelled as Herrero or Herera.