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What happens in Chapter 7 of Johnny Tremain?

What happens in Chapter 7 of Johnny Tremain?

Summary: Chapter VII: The Fiddler’s Bill. Only that a man can stand up. England closes the port of Boston until the colonists pay for the tea, and British soldiers occupy the city. Commerce grinds to a halt, but the city refuses to be starved into submission.

What happened in chapter 6 of Johnny Tremain?

Johnny notices Dove stuffing tea into his pockets, changing the whole event from a protest into a burglary. Johnny motions to Rab to show what Dove is doing, then tears off Dove’s pants, with the tea inside, and throws them into the harbor. Rab decides to go one step further and throws Dove into the harbor as well.

What happened in Chapter 1 of Johnny Tremain?

Johnny struggles to design the handles for the sugar basin, but is continually dissatisfied with his attempts. After one particularly grueling session at the kiln, Cilla approaches Johnny in the middle of the night and asks him to accompany her to the wharf with Isannah.

What happened in Johnny Tremain Chapter 4?

Summary: Chapter IV: The Rising Eye. Lyte thinks that Johnny is a conniving impostor, but Johnny announces that he can prove his story with a silver cup bearing the Lyte seal. Lyte urges Johnny to bring the cup to his house that evening.

Why does Johnny slap Isannah?

Why did Johnny slap Isannah? Isannah said she was too young to be “lascivious.” Because of her response and lack of appropriate clothes, Johnny slapped her and told her that her grandpa would be “just about flopping over and over in his grave.

What happens in Chapter 8 of Johnny Tremain?

Chapter 8 is an important one for Johnny. He learns that he is the grandnephew of Lyte, and that Cilla likes him the way he likes her. In Boston, tension is growing between the British and the Colonists, and Sam Adams and the Observers call for war.

What happens in Johnny Tremain Chapter 5?

Fresh off his court victory over Merchant Lyte, Johnny starts a new life in chapter 5 of Esther Forbes’s Johnny Tremain. Johnny delivers newspapers for the Observer, moves in with Rab, gets involved in politics, and becomes closer with Rab.

How is Johnny Tremain reliable?

Johnny Tremain shows that he is reliable by having been the one chosen to take over the Lapham’s business one day and to marry Cilla. It is thanks to Johnny that orders are written down correctly and that coal is ordered when required.

What did Johnny Tremain do?

Fourteen-year-old Johnny Tremain is the gifted apprentice of Ephraim Lapham, a silversmith in Revolutionary-era Boston. The Lapham’s fortune and Johnny’s fame as a silversmith appear to take a turn for the better when the wealthy merchant John Hancock puts in an order for an elaborate silver basin. Mr.

Who did Johnny Tremain marry?

Priscilla “Cilla” Lapham Timeline and Summary July 1773: Cilla is the fourteen-year-old granddaughter of the silversmith Ephraim Lapham, and engaged to Johnny Tremain.

What does Mr Lyte accuse Johnny of doing?

Mr. Lyte accuses Johnny of stealing the silver cup back in August.

What was Rab doing with Cilla behind Johnny’s back?

What had Rab been doing with Cilla behind Johnny’s back? Rab had been going on walks with Cilla and buying her treats, courting her.

How old is Johnny Tremain in the book?

This book tells the story of Johnny Tremain over a two-year span from the summer of 1773 through the spring of 1775. At the beginning, Johnny is a 14 year old apprentice to a silversmith named Mr. Lapham.

How old was Johnny Tremain when he apprenticed to Ephraim Lapham?

Plot Overview. Fourteen-year-old Johnny Tremain is the gifted apprentice of Ephraim Lapham, a silversmith in Revolutionary-era Boston. The pious and elderly Mr. Lapham is more interested in preparing his own soul for death than in running his silver shop, so Johnny is the chief breadwinner of the family.

Who are the bullies in the book Johnny Tremain?

Johnny’s enormous talent and his special status in the Lapham household go to his head, and Johnny often bullies the lazy, insolent Dove, as well as Dusty and the four Lapham daughters. Although Mr. Lapham tries to contain Johnny’s arrogance, Johnny is unwilling to rein in his quick temper or impulsive acts.

How is Johnny Tremain related to Jonathan Lyte?

That night, Johnny reveals his family secret to Cilla. He is related to Jonathan Lyte, a wealthy Boston merchant. Johnny’s mother revealed his ancestry to him before she died and gave him a silver cup engraved with the Lyte’s coat of arms.