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What is an accession log?

What is an accession log?

n. a summary listing of acquisitions recorded as they are accepted (View Citations) Record surveys, to identify archival materials in office and storage areas throughout the company.

What is an accession form?

Accessioning is a brief but important phase in the life cycle of visual materials acquired by archives, libraries, and other cultural heritage organizations. Accessioning documents the receipt of records and lays the foundation for subsequent arrangement and description work.

Which type of software can be used to simplify creating the accession log and the alphabetic index?

Database software can simplify creation of the accession log and the alphabetic index. All information can be kept in one database table. The sort function can sort file code numbers for the accession log.

What are the categories of records values?

Agency record values fall into three overlapping categories: (1) administrative, (2) fiscal, and (3) legal. Understanding these values can help records officers propose to NARA retention periods that will satisfy agency needs.

What does the word accession mean in medical terms?

noun An ordered test or group of tests on a particular specimen which has been formally received by a lab or other health care service and has received an accession number.

What is an accession book?

: a record book used for accessioning.

What is the purpose of accession?

To accession something is to take legal and physical custody of a group of records or other materials and to formally document their receipt. This helps maintain the chain of custody over the records required to maintain their authenticity over time.

What are the two archival principles?

They include taking control, improving storage and supporting safe access. Archivists apply the 2 principles of ‘provenance’ and original order’ when managing their collections. These principles should be the foundations for all the activities you carry out on your archives.

What is the difference between the indexing and coding filing procedures?

Indexing is the mental process of deciding how to identify a record for filing, and coding is the actual marking or writing the filing segment on the record.

Which of the following is the correct order for the records life cycle quizlet?

creation, distribution, use, maintenance, and disposition.

What are the 3 main types of records?

Types of records

  • Correspondence records. Correspondence records may be created inside the office or may be received from outside the office.
  • Accounting records. The records relating to financial transactions are known as financial records.
  • Legal records.
  • Personnel records.
  • Progress records.
  • Miscellaneous records.

What are the 4 categories of records?

The four categories that are used to classify the value of a record are: Vital records : legal papers, titles. Important records : sales records, tax records, contacts. Useful records : emails, letters, memos. Nonessential documents : announcements, bulletins.

What does access log mean on

– Definition from An access log is a list of all the requests for individual files that people have requested from a Web site. These files will include the HTML files and their imbedded graphic images and any other associated files that get transmitted.

What does the Apache access log file do?

Apache web servers also provide administrators with another type of log file called error logs. This log file is used to provide more information regarding a particular error that has occurred on the web server. However, for the purposes of this post, we’ll focus specifically on the Apache access log file.

Where can I Find my access log on my server?

Open an FTP client, set a new connection to your server, and then authorize with your login and password. After you have entered a server file directory, you can get your access logs. Here are the two most popular types of HTTP servers and locations where access logs can be found:

Can a raw access log be analyzed by another program?

The access log (sometimes referred to as the “raw data”) can be analyzed and summarized by another program. In general, an access log can be analyzed to tell you: