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What is the back cover of a magazine?

What is the back cover of a magazine?

(of a book, magazine etc) The cover on the opposite side of the front cover; back of the book; associated with sports pages in publications.

How do I design a magazine cover back?

In the great magazine cover battle, here are 50 striking magazines that have delivered winning blows.

  1. Give the issue title pride of place.
  2. Flip the layout.
  3. Use one-point perspective.
  4. Create a laser cut cover.
  5. Showcase a sequence.
  6. Merge the image and the background.
  7. Create impact with imagery.
  8. Experiment with transparent shapes.

What are the parts of a magazine?

Magazines consist of seven parts: the cover page, the cover pages, the table of contents, the imprint, the editor’s letter, the articles and the back.

What should be on the cover of a magazine?

Here are 8 magazine cover design techniques that all designers should know.

  • Dark on light, light on dark text placement.
  • Match and complement text color.
  • Use 3D text behind and in front of the image.
  • Placing emphasis with backgrounds, bolds, italics, etc.
  • Combining photography and drawing.

How do you lay out a magazine page?

Here, we look into the ten most crucial elements of a magazine layout.

  1. Headline. It is the most important element of a magazine layout design.
  2. Introductory Paragraph.
  3. Body / Body Text / Body Copy.
  4. Bylines.
  5. Sub-headline / Subhead.
  6. Pull Quotes.
  7. Captions for Images.
  8. Section Head / Running Head.

How can I design a magazine?

How to make a magazine in 12 steps

  1. Pick your topic. You can’t have a magazine without a subject.
  2. Choose a title. I’ve decided to create a travel magazine.
  3. Choose your cover article.
  4. Find your cover image.
  5. Design your masthead.
  6. Write body articles.
  7. Incorporate graphics.
  8. Decide on feature articles.

What makes a good magazine cover design?

A beautiful magazine cover can help you sell it. Magazine designers should have extensive knowledge of aesthetics, typography, placement and also the psychological profile of readers. Not everybody can design a successful magazine cover, but you can learn from the best.

What is the most important part of a magazine?

Headline. It is the most important element of a magazine layout design. It can be of various sizes, but should be set in a size bigger than the other text elements in the page. A headline should be interesting, meaningful and compelling enough as it increases the chances of an article to be read.

What is the format of a magazine?

Format of magazine comprises of short pieces, editorials, regular columns, articles, features (main stories) and even shorter stories. One major difference between the ways a magazine reports news and a regular newspaper reports it is that magazines create their own version of the news.

What makes a successful magazine cover?

The main image of the magazine cover is usually a representative illustration of the content within the magazine. It should best reflect what the issue is all about. Big magazines typically portray a well-known celebrity or a visually appealing image that easily triggers an emotion.

What makes a magazine stand out?

The key to standing out from the crowd is having a cover that really grabs people’s attention. But grabbing attention doesn’t mean it has to be packed with content or brash colors. An understated but stylish cover can have just as much impact. The majority of successful covers follow the same format.

What makes a successful magazine?

The best magazines don’t just deliver great content to their readers, they do it in a conversational style that creates a rapport. A good editor should stamp his or her personality on a magazine. Every single feature or story in your magazine should convey the message that you know and understand your readers.

Why is the back cover of a magazine important?

When consumers toss a magazine on a table, there’s a 50 percent chance an ad on a back cover will end up visible. The inside covers usually carry impact, because they are the first and last pages readers see and often face editorial such as a contents page, or a classified ads section.

Which is the best way to design a magazine cover?

1. Put the magazine name in the most obvious place The general layout of the magazine cover should be organized around your magazine’s name. The name is what makes your magazine instantly recognizable, so it needs to be the most prominent feature or the cover. All professional designers will follow this rule when designing the cover.

Which is the most expensive cover of a magazine?

A magazine has four covers: the front, the inside front, the inside back and the back cover. The back cover is usually the most expensive premium position of a magazine, followed by the two inside covers.

What should be the focal point of a magazine cover?

Fashion magazines usually feature models as the cover focus point, but you can use a different photo of an object or a headline. In the first image from this post (BHG) the chair is the focal point. 5. Play with font styles Most magazine covers feature the headlines of the most important stories on the cover.