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What is the difference between restricted and unrestricted reporting?

What is the difference between restricted and unrestricted reporting?

Under Unrestricted Reporting, both the command and law enforcement are notified. With Restricted (Confidential) Reporting, the adult sexual assault victim can access healthcare, advocacy services, and legal services without the notification to command or law enforcement.

What is a restricted report Air Force?

A restricted report means that your chain of command will not know about the assault, no one but the SARC and you will know about the report unless you choose to get support from a Special Victims Counsel, mental health provider, a chaplain and/or a medical provider for care or a sexual assault forensic exam, and those …

Who can accept a restricted report?

For restricted reporting, the only individuals who can take a restricted report are SARCs, VAs, VVAs, and medical personnel under certain circumstances. You may also confidentially speak to the DoD Safe Helpline at: or 877-995- 5247.

Who Cannot take a restricted sharp report?

SHARP services are those that are provided by a SARC or SAPR VA. At this time, retired members of any component are not eligible for a restricted report. DOD civilians are currently not eligible to make a restricted report. You receive appropriate medical treatment, advocacy, legal assistance, and counseling.

What is the purpose of the restricted reporting option?

The Restricted Reporting Option. (1) Intended to give a victim additional time and increased control over the release and management of personal information and to empower the victim to seek relevant information and support to make informed decisions about participating in a criminal investigation.

Who Cannot receive a restricted report army?

At this time, only military personnel of the Armed Forces and their adult dependents are eligible to file a Restricted Report. Service members who were victims of sexual assault PRIOR to enlistment or commissioning are eligible to receive SAPR services under either reporting option.

Is restricted reporting always confidential?

Restricted Reporting – is confidential, does not trigger an investigation or command involvement, and allows access to THESE supportive service options: Advocacy Services (support, information, referral, and accompaniment)

Is restricted reporting always kept confidential?

Can a restricted report be change to unrestricted?

A victim can choose to convert a Restricted Report to Unrestricted at any time. However, once an Unrestricted Report is made, the restricted option is no longer available.

Can CID take a restricted report?

CID agents cannot begin an investigation until a victim comes forward and initiates an unrestricted report. Victims can opt for restricted reports and receive counseling and medical attention. Restricted reports can be made to unit victim advocates, health care professionals,…

What is a restricted report of sexual assault?

Restricted Reporting. Restricted reporting allows a sexual assault victim to confidentially disclose the details of his or her assault to specified individuals and receive medical treatment and counseling, without triggering the official investigative process.

Can SARC take restricted report?

You can only make a Restricted Report by contacting a SARC, SAPR VA, or healthcare personnel. However, an official report is only taken by the SARC/SAPR VA through the completion of DD Form 2910. It is important that you only disclose the assault to these people. If you tell others (e.g., commander, investigator, a friend who may tell other mandatory reporters), you may no longer be eligible for Restricted Reporting.