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What is the first line of defense from infection?

What is the first line of defense from infection?

The first line of defence is your innate immune system. Level one of this system consists of physical barriers like your skin and the mucosal lining in your respiratory tract. The tears, sweat, saliva and mucous produced by the skin and mucosal lining are part of that physical barrier, too.

Are tonsils first line of defense?

Tonsils are the first line of defense against germs and viruses that enter through the mouth or nose. This makes them vulnerable to infection — tonsillitis.

Is hydrochloric acid a first or second line of defense?

Stomach acid The hydrochloric acid in our stomachs does not break down food. It is part of the body’s non-specific first line of defence. It is hydrochloric acid and while it does us no harm, it is strong enough to kill any pathogens that have been caught in mucus in the airways or consumed in food or water.

Which is the first line of defence against infection?

Defence against infection. The body is constantly defending against attacks from pathogens. The first line of defence against infection stops the pathogens from entering your body. These first lines are general defences, and are not specific to fight against certain types of pathogen.

What are the three lines of Defense of the immune system?

The Immune System has 3 Lines of Defense Against Foreign Pathogens: 1. Physical and Chemical Barriers (Innate Immunity) 2. Nonspecific Resistance (Innate Immunity) 3. Specific Resistance (Acquired Immunity) Physical and Chemical Barriers (Innate Immunity) Physical and chemical barriers form the first line of defense when the body is invaded.

Which is the third line of Defence in the body?

The third line of defence involves special white blood cells known as lymphocytes. – There are two main groups of lymphcytes involved in specific immunity. – All lymphocytes are produced in the bone marrow. Some mature in the bone marrow into B – Cells, or B Lymphocytes.

How is stomach acid a defence against infection?

Stomach acid is a chemical barrier against infection. To stop eye infections we have evolved chemicals within our tears called lysozymes. These are enzymes that destroy bacterial cells by breaking down their cell walls.