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What is the Gathering by kelley Armstrong about?

What is the Gathering by kelley Armstrong about?

Strange things have been happening in sixteen-year-old Maya’s small Vancouver Island community—from the mountain lions that have been constantly approaching her to her best friend’s hidden talent for “feeling” out people and situations.

How many pages does the gathering have?

The Gathering (Armstrong novel)

Cover of The Gathering
Author Kelley Armstrong
Publication date April 12, 2011
Pages 359 pp
ISBN 978-0-06-179702-6

What genre is the gathering?

Death metal
Progressive metalMetalGospelDance/Electronic
The Gathering/Genres

What happened to Liam in the gathering?

Veronica Hegarty, the narrator and central character of The Gathering, suffers a breakdown after her brother Liam fills his pockets with stones and walks into the sea. His death prompts her to plumb three generations of family history in search of the truth of a tragic event from their childhood.

What is the mean of gathering?

1 : assembly, meeting. 2 : a suppurating swelling : abscess. 3 : the collecting of food or raw materials from the wild. 4 : collection, compilation.

How do we measure planets?

The most common is to measure the apparent angular diameter of the planet – how big it looks against the sky – very precisely using a telescope. Combining this with a measure of its distance (deduced from its orbit around the Sun) reveals the planet’s actual size.

What is a good word for gathering?

What is another word for gathering?

assembly meeting
union body
collection crush
jamboree muster
pack swarm

How do you use the word gathering?

Gathering sentence example

  1. Lisa was silent a moment, gathering courage.
  2. Josh was certain it was a pack, not simply a gathering of neighbor dogs.
  3. Her chest heaved, and her eyes stung with gathering tears.
  4. She turned away, but he saw the tears gathering in her eyes.

What were the first 5 known planets?

Five planets — Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn were known to the ancients. To the unaided eye, these planets appear starlike.

What do you notice about the sizes of the planets?

The smaller, inner planets include Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. The inner planets are rocky and have diameters of less than 13,000 kilometers. The outer planets include Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The outer planets are called gas giants and have a diameter of greater than 48,000 kilometers.

What is a gathering called?

conference, function, throng, group, conclave, crowd, collection, congregation, mass, association, convention, party, meeting, caucus, affair, heap, society, rally, flock, drove.

What is a word for coming together?

What is another word for come together?

collaborate unite
ally cohere
combine cooperate
team up join forces
join together get together

When did the gathering by Kelley Armstrong come out?

The Gathering is a novel by Kelley Armstrong. It was released April 12, 2011 by HarperTeen. The Gathering is the first book in Armstrong’s Darkness Rising trilogy.

How old is Maya in the gathering by Kelley Armstrong?

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Not the book you’re looking for? Sixteen-year-old Maya is just an ordinary teen in an ordinary town.

Who is the Bad Boy in the gathering?

It does’t help that the new bad boy in town, Rafe, has a dangerous secret…and he’s interested in one special part of Maya’s anatomy: Her paw-print birthmark.

Who are the adoptive parents in the gathering?

She has very little knowledge of her origins because she was adopted when she was young and has no interest in finding her biological mother seeing as she lost her chance to be a mom years ago, and she loves her adoptive parents. She has a birthmark in the shape of a paw on her hip. Her father is the warden of Salmon Creek Park.