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What is the main idea of all the years of her life?

What is the main idea of all the years of her life?

The most important theme of this short story is that of unconditional love. At first, it appears that Mrs. Higgins is a clever woman who is able to use her wiles to extricate Alfred from his trouble at work.

What did the author mean in the last paragraph when he said this was the first time he had ever really seen his mother?

And so the final line, “it seemed to him that this was the first time he had ever looked upon his mother,” indicates that he is finally seeing his mother as she truly exists. His youthful blinders have fallen away, and he can see the harshness of life as written in his mother’s fatigue.

What is Mrs Higgins like in all the years of her life?

Higgins is a well rounded character in “All the Years of her Life.” As a reader you get to see different sides of her personality. She at first comes across as calm and collected, friendly and devoted to her son, even though he keeps disappointing her.

What does the trembling of the mother’s hands symbolize?

Higgins’s trembling hand symbolizes her true self. She is truly hurt and fearful about Alfred’s actions, not the calm and rational person she presented herself to be at the drugstore. This is not the first time Alfred has been in trouble; according to the narrator, he acts tough every time he gets in trouble.

Who is the protagonist in all the years of her life?

Alfred Higgins is a young man possibly in his late teens. He has two older brothers and a younger sister who have married and left home, while he still lives with his parents.

Why is Mr Carr surprised at Mrs Higgins reaction?

Carr is surprised at her “quiet dignity,” and in his puzzlement, he begins to become impressed with her “vast tolerance” of his opinions. With this quiet dignity and tolerance, Mrs. Higgins is effectively able to persuade Mr. Carr to not press charges against Alfred for his theft and, instead, just fire him.

What is the conflict in all the years of her life?

This story had an external conflict. Though the story had many, the main conflict had to do with Mr. Carr. He had the ultimate decision of whether or not he should release Afred into the hands of his mother or the cuffs on a policeman.

Why was Alfred surprised at his mother’s Behaviour in the store?

When Alfred’s mother gets to the store, she tries to reason with Mr. Carr. Alfred is surprised that his mother is so composed and dignified in her address.

What is the mood of all the years of her life?

The theme of the story is to feel greatful for your parents. Alfred realizes his mother is getting old and she was nervous for him when she was drinking tea. He could see all the years of her life.

Does Michael betray Smitty?

Michael, his moral strength failing an important test, moves back into the crowd, “betraying Smitty, who last night had had such a good neighbourly time with him.” Although he tries to convince himself that “it’s different now,” the young man is overcome with the strong sense of shame that he had attributed to the …

Who is Alfred Higgins?

Alfred Higgins, MD is a Neurosurgery Specialist in Wenatchee, WA and has over 44 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Georgetown U, School of Medicine medical school in 1977.

What does the fish symbolize in two fishermen?

Smitty giving Michael the fish represented him getting Smitty’s trust and friendship – Smitty trusting Michael to not let him down, to not judge him for his job like others did, to understand him. When the fish were thrown at Smitty, he lost his faith and trust in Michael.

When do people write this kind of conclusion?

People write this kind of conclusion when they can’t think of anything else to say. Example: In conclusion, Frederick Douglass was, as we have seen, a pioneer in American education, proving that education was a major force for social change with regard to slavery.

How many words are in all the years of her life?

Last Updated on October 26, 2018, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 587 Late in the evening, a drugstore owner and his assistant are closing up for the day.

What happens at end of Gilmore Girls a year in the life?

Everyone wanted to know which of Rory’s exes, if any, would be the one to ultimately steal her heart. Well, now that all four episodes of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life have been released, we still don’t really know the answer, though we have a good idea.

What happens to your body at the end of Your Life?

Both urinary and bowel incontinence are common near the end of life. This can be a result of a surgery or illness, or because the person is simply too weak to use the bathroom. At the very end, when the muscles relax entirely, the patient will often release the contents of their bowels.