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What is the modern public administration?

What is the modern public administration?

Modern public administration is an anti-positivist,anti technical and anti hierarchical reaction against traditional public administration. This movement of New Public Administration was initiated by a new generation of researchers mainly in the United States.

Why was Woodrow Wilson the father of public administration?

Answer: Woodrow Wilson is the Father of Public Administration. He’s been given this name due to his huge contribution towards administration both as a science and an academic study. Woodrow Wilson provided direction for making decisions, which administrators before administering policies.

Which perspective of public administration did Karl Marx supported?

This approach of Marx finally leads to the exposure of administration of capitalist states. He saw that bureaucracy, to the capitalists, is not simply a mode of public administration but also an instrument of exploitation of the working class. This is the gist of Marxist approach to bureaucratic administrative system.

What is the purpose of the politics administration dichotomy?

The politics-administration dichotomy is as it tries to delineate the function of politics and administration. Additionally, it gives an idea of the balancing act that is needed to achieve both the goals of public administration and those of politics. The politics-administration dichotomy focuses on the separation of politics

Why is the separation of politics and administration important?

The politics-administration dichotomy focuses on the separation of politics and public administration to ensure that a government fulfills its democratic duties and for the administration of public functions to be optimum and efficient.

Which is the most important theory in public administration?

It has led to a gathering of theories about how public practitioners should administrate and how scholars should study Public administration in theory building or testing. One of the most important theoretical concept in public administration is the politics- administration dichotomy.

When did politics and Public Administration become separate disciplines?

The first proposition to separate the fields of politics and public administration was made during the late 1800s. Former US President Woodrow Wilson was one of the ardent proponents of making public administration a distinct academic discipline.