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What is the price of cement in Kerala?

What is the price of cement in Kerala?

Approximate Cost of Cement Available with Cement Dealers in Kerala, Thrissur

Cement Type Approximate Cost
OPC Cement Grade 43 Rs. 240 per bag
OPC Cement Grade 53 Rs. 262 per bag
White Cement Rs. 585 per bag
PPC Pozzolana Portland Cement Rs. 265 per bag

What is the rate of 1 bag cement?

Prices ranges between 300 to 350 depending upon type of cement (OPC/PPC) and quantity required….Questions & Answers on UltraTech Cement.

Packaging Type Min Price Max Price
HDPE Bags Rs 340/Bag Rs 405/Bag
Sack Bag Rs 330/Bag Rs 390/Bag

Which cement is best for concrete in Kerala?

1. Malabar Cements Limited – Established in the year 1978, MCL is a fully owned Government of Kerala undertaking. This Cement is the most trusted brand of Cement in Kerala in terms of quality and price.

What is the cost of 1 kg cement in India?

New (12) from ₹110.00 FREE Delivery.

Which is best cement in India?

UltraTech cement
Top Cement in India

Top Cement in India Price
UltraTech cement 390
Shree Cement 280
Ambuja cement 280- 375
Ramco cement 285

How many bags of cement do I need for 1000 square feet?

About 0.38 cement bag is used per sq ft of construction. So, around 400 bags of cement (50kg each) are consumed for 1000 sq ft home.

Which is the No 1 cement in India?

UltraTech Cement Ltd
A list of the Indian largest cement companies ranked by Revenue and Market Share

Rank Indian Cement Company Revenue (Rs Cr)
1 UltraTech Cement Ltd 38,657
2 Ambuja Cements Ltd 26,646
3 ACC Ltd 15,398
4 Shree Cement Ltd 12,555

What is the old name of UltraTech Cement?

In November 2003 the name of the company was changed from L Cement Ltd to UltraTech ChemCo Ltd. In the year 2004 pursuant to the scheme of arrangement the cement business of Larsen & Toubro Ltd was de-merged and got transferred to the company with effect from April 1 2003.

Which cement is better UltraTech or ACC?

The return on equity given by ACC is much better, at 15.28 percent than UltraTech’s at 9.36 percent. Therefore, ACC is currently available at an attractive price while UltraTech is expensive amongst its lot due to its stellar results.

What is the price of 50 kg UltraTech Cement?

UltraTech Portland Cement, 50 Kg, Price from Rs. 235/unit onwards, specification and features.

How many bags of cement do I need for 1500 square feet?

Ans. :- 698 (+ 5% and _ 5℅ shift) no of cement bags ( 412.5 cement bags for rcc concrete, 87 cement bags for brickwork, 134.5 cement bags for flooring, septic tank including stair & 64 cement bags for plastering) are required for construction of 1500 square feet house of low rise ground floor building.

What is the cost of rcc slab per sq ft?

RCC work rate per sqft :- To get a rough idea for the RCC work rate per sq ft, you can get a hint from this formula, however, in general, it is assumed that RCC work rate is 40 to 60 rupees per sq ft, the approx cost for rcc slab is around Rs180 to 200 per square foot, where the cost for steel, labour, shuttering and …

What’s the current price of cement in Kerala?

Cement prices have increased by up to Rs35 per bag in June across The current price range is Rs245-275 per bag in Jaipur, Rs250-290 per bag in in the past one month except in Kerala, owing to improving discipline. Jul 22, 2015 NEW DELHI: Ultratech Cements today reported about 6 per cent fall in

What’s the average cost of sand in Kerala?

Cement & Sand Unit Minimum Rate Average Cost Max. Price; Cement: Qty ₹ 425 ₹ 467.5 ₹ 510: River Sand: Qty ₹ 5000 ₹ 5500 ₹ 6000: M Sand: Qty ₹ 3900 ₹ 4290 ₹ 4680

What’s the average cost of floor tiles in Kerala?

Average Cost. Max. Price. Teak Wood. Qty. ₹ 1152. ₹ 1267.2. ₹ 1440. Floor Tiles / Granite Rate in Kerala for Construction.

Is there a demand for cement in Chennai?

In this current modern world, the demand of cement for constructing buildings is in an enhancing manner. We are very happy that you have visited the correct place that satisfies your requirement for cement by having a long term and genuine deal with SLT Cement Marketers PVt. LTd.