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What kind of person is Persome?

What kind of person is Persome?

Persome, though the Bishop’s sister, is poles apart from her brother. She has been portrayed as an ordinary human being who is insensitive to the spiritual values of mercy, charity, benevolence, forbearance, and sympathy.

Who are the major characters in the play The Bishop’s candlesticks?

Character Sketch

  • Bishop: He is a very noble and simple person, who always ready to help anyone in distress. He has all the characteristics of a good human being.
  • Persome: She is the sister of Bishop.
  • Convict: He was leading a common life before he became a criminal.

What is the character of the convict?

The convict was not a convict since his birth. He was an ordinary man with a loving wife who lived respectably before he became a hard-hearted criminal. The truth is the callousness of society turned him into a beast. The apathetic people of the society compelled him to steal food for his starving and sick wife.

Who is Marie in Bishop’s candlesticks?

Marie was the cook at the Bishop’s house. She was a very well-behaved girl. Her mother was ill and the Bishop had gone to her house to see her mother and pray for her. She did not mind Persome’s scolding.

Why did the Bishop give the candlesticks to the convict?

The act of kindness by the Bishop changed the convict’s heart and he believed in the spirit of God that dwells in the heart of every human being. After the police were gone, the Bishop gave the candlesticks to the convict and told him to move to Paris and start a new life selling the candlesticks.

Who is mere gringoire?

Mere Gringoire is one of the parishioners in the Bishop’s parish. She was an old and sick widow who had no money to pay her rent. So the Bishop helped her by paying her rent.

What kind of person is Bishop?

bishop was a very kind man. He always thought of helpin others. He thought that if people cheat them they will be poor not he. He was also a very caring brother.

Why was Persome angry with Marie?

Answer: Persome was rude to Marie because she thought that Marie and all the other people were taking advantage of her brother’s kindness.

What is Marie referring to?

Marie, Biblical reference to Holy Mary, mother of Jesus.

What is the bishop referring to?

Bishops alone have the right to confirm and ordain members of the clergy, and their main duty is to supervise the clergy within their diocese. In the Roman Catholic Church, the bishop is selected by the pope and receives confirmation in his office at the hands of an archbishop and two other bishops.

Why does the bishop lie to the police officers?

He is, however, caught and brought back to the Bishop. The Bishop gets him released by telling a lie to the police. He says that the candlesticks were his gift to his friend. When the police leaves, he actually gifts the candlesticks to the convict and shows him the way to Paris where he can start a new life.

Why is Persome angry with her brother?

Explanation: Per some angry with the bishop​ because per some thinks that people are using her brother bishop. he gave all his savings , furniture and also prosper’ favorite salt sellers to people to help them. she thinks that her brother is most kind person in world.

Who is the maid in the Bishop’s Candlestick?

The play opens with a scene in the kitchen of Bishop’s cottage. Bishop’s younger sister Persome and maid servant, Marie are busy in conversation while soup is being cooked on the stove. Persome is worried that her brother has gone out in extreme cold.

Why did the bishop give persome the candlesticks?

The Bishop thanks her for giving him the idea, although he admits that the candlesticks were his proud possessions, a gift from his dying mother and he would not like to part with them. Persome takes leave and the Bishop settles down to read.

What are the characteristics of a good bishop?

• Bishop: He is a very noble and simple person, who always ready to help anyone in distress. He has all the characteristics of a good human being. When he hears the story of the convict, he showed his sympathy for him. He comes to know that the attitude of the convict turned inhuman due to bad treatment in the prison.

What did the Bishop do in the Bishop’s wife?

A man is what we think him to be: One night when the Bishop was about to go to bed, a convict entered the house. At the point of his knife he demanded food from the Bishop. The Bishop was unruffled. He called Persome and asked her to give some supper to the convict.