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What would you expect to see in an incident action plan?

What would you expect to see in an incident action plan?

Which of the following would you expect to see in an Incident Action Plan? Measurable strategic operations to be achieved within the specified period.

What elements must every incident action plan have?

Incident goals (where the response system wants to be at the end of response) Operational period objectives (major areas that must be addressed in the specified operational period to achieve the goals or control objectives) Response strategies (priorities and the general approach to accomplish the objectives)

Which incident facility is the location where personnel and equipment are kept while waiting for tactical assignments?

Staging Areas
Staging Areas are temporary locations at an incident where personnel and equipment are kept while waiting for tactical assignments. Staging Areas should be located close enough to the incident for a timely response, but far enough away to be out of the immediate impact zone.

Which general staff position produces the incident action plan?

Operations Section Chief Responsibilities The Incident Action Plan (IAP) provides the necessary guidance. The need to expand the Operations Section is generally dictated by the number of tactical resources involved and is influenced by span of control considerations.

What are the seven principles of the Incident Command System?

Incident personnel should adhere to principles of accountability, including check-in/check-out, incident action planning, unity of command, personal responsibility, span of control, and resource tracking.

Who creates the incident action plan?

Incident management personnel involved in an operation that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is coordinating use the Incident Command System’s (ICS) incident action planning process to develop incident action plans (IAPs).

What are the five major functions around which ICS is organized?

The Incident Command System comprises five major functional areas: Command, Operations, Planning, Logistics, and Finance/Administration.

Which ICS position is always staffed during an incident?

The Incident Commander is the only position that is always staffed in ICS applications. On small incidents and events, one person-the Incident Commander-may accomplish all management functions.

What is the purpose of an incident action plan?

Every incident must have a verbal or written Incident Action Plan. The purpose of this plan is to provide all incident supervisory personnel with direction for actions to be implemented during the operational period identified in the plan. Incident Action Plans include the measurable tactical operations to be achieved and are prepared

Which is General Staff position prepares and documents the incident action plan?

Which General Staff position prepares and documents the Incident Action Plan, collects and evaluates information, maintains resource status, and maintains documentation for incident records?

Which is a stumbling block to effective incident management?

B. Confusion over different position titles and organizational structures has been a significant stumbling block to effective incident management in the past. C. Every incident or event requires that different management functions be performed. D. In ICS, the person at the top of the organization can act with less political pressure. 17.

Who are the personnel in the incident command system?

Depending upon the size and type of incident or event, it may be necessary for the Incident Commander to designate personnel to provide public information, safety, and liaison services for the entire organization. In ICS, these personnel make up the: A. Director Staff. B. General Staff. C. Deputy Staff.