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Where do bumble bees take their pollen?

Where do bumble bees take their pollen?

Frequent nesting sites include holes in the ground, tussocky grass, bird boxes and under garden sheds. When she has chosen her nest, the queen will begin to collect pollen from flowers, to bring back to the nest.

Why do bumble bees collect pollen?

The workers gather pollen and nectar to feed later batches of grubs. New queens and males hatch at the end of the season and mate. The males, workers and old queens die; new queens hibernate.

How does a bee collect pollen?

The bees climb onto or into the flower and suck up the nectar with their straw-like mouth and collect it in a little sac called a crop. They also collect pollen on their legs. As they move from flower to flower, they leave a little bit of that pollen on each new flower they visit.

Do bumble bees collect pollen on their legs?

Male bees do not actively collect pollen, only the queen and worker bumblebees do. They transfer the pollen they collect to the sacs or baskets on their hind legs to make it easier to transport back to the hive. Bumblebee pollen sacs or baskets are known as corbicula.

Can I hold a bumble bee?

You can take a bumblebee in your hand and as long as you do not treat it roughly, it will not sting you at all. However, if you see a bumblebee lying on its back, then it is best not to touch it. This position is a defensive position and they will feel threatened and prepare to sting.

Can bees bond with humans?

Bees like the humans who take good care of them. Bees can detect human faces, which means they can recognize, and build trust with their human caretakers.

How do bumblebees warn you?

According to, a bumblebee will even warn you before it stings. It will stick up a middle leg if it’s annoyed by your presence, which means “back off!”. They will really only become aggressive if you are bothering their nest.

How do you know if a bee is dying or tired?

When bees are close to death, they often cling to flowers and look quite lethargic. When they do die, they then drop off the flowers, and you may find a number of these in your gardens, especially near the most bee-friendly plants.

What is the difference between a honey bee and a bumble bee?

Bumblebees are robust, large in girth, have more hairs on their body and are colored with yellow, orange and black. Honeybees are more slender in body appearance, have fewer body hairs and wings that are more translucent. The tip of their abdomen is more pointed.

Are bumblebees friendly to humans?

They are generally very docile. They do not form swarms like other communal bees and they only sting when truly provoked. But they are so good-natured that getting a female to sting you is a major undertaking. According to, a bumblebee will even warn you before it stings.