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Who arrives in Plymouth?

Who arrives in Plymouth?

On September 6, 1620, 102 passengers–dubbed Pilgrims by William Bradford, a passenger who would become the first governor of Plymouth Colony—crowded on the Mayflower to begin the long, hard journey to a new life in the New World.

How many people landed in Plymouth?

102 passengers
More than 30 million people can trace their ancestry to the 102 passengers and approximately 30 crew aboard the Mayflower when it landed in Plymouth Bay, Massachusetts, in the harsh winter of 1620.

How many passengers arrived in Plymouth Colony?

When Mayflower sailed from Plymouth alone on September 16 [O.S. September 6], 1620, with what Bradford called “a prosperous wind”, she carried 102 passengers plus a crew of 25 to 30 officers and men, bringing the total aboard to approximately 130.

What was the population of Plymouth in 1620?

Growth of Plymouth

Date Pop.
December 1620 99
April 1621 50
November 1621 85
July 1623 180

Does the original Mayflower still exist?

The End of the Mayflower The Mayflower returned to England from Plymouth Colony, arriving back on 9 May 1621. No further record of the Mayflower is found until May 1624, when it was appraised for the purposes of probate and was described as being in ruinis. The ship was almost certainly sold off as scrap.

Is the Mayflower still afloat?

Mayflower II is owned by Plimoth Plantation and is undergoing a multi-year restoration in the Henry B. duPont Preservation Shipyard at Mystic Seaport. The restoration of the 60-year-old wooden ship is being carried out over several years with the project scheduled for completion in 2019.

Did the baby born on the Mayflower survive?

Oceanus Hopkins was born on the Mayflower during the voyage, to parents Stephen and Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins. He did not survive very long, however, and may have died the first winter, or during the subsequent year or two.

How many babies were born on the Mayflower?

One baby was born during the journey. Elizabeth Hopkins gave birth to her first son, appropriately named Oceanus, on Mayflower. Another baby boy, Peregrine White, was born to Susanna White after Mayflower arrived in New England.

What was the population of the Plymouth Colony?

Plymouth Populations, 1620-1690 Plymouth Colony Archive Project at the University of Virginia, by James Deetz, Patricia E. Scott Deetz, and Christopher Fennell; site presents a collection of browsable and searchable texts and analysis papers on the Plymouth Colony, 1620-1691. POPULATION OF PLYMOUTH TOWN, COLONY & COUNTY, 1620-1690

When did the Fortune arrive at Plymouth Colony?

The Fortune was the second ship of emigrants to reach Plymouth Colony in 9-Nov-1621. Of the 35 new colonists, many were family members of Pilgrims that arrived earlier in the Mayflower. One of many Immigrant Ships of New England .

When did the Mayflower arrive in Plymouth Massachusetts?

This is a list of the passengers on board the Mayflower during its trans-Atlantic voyage of September 6 – November 9, 1620, the majority of them becoming the settlers of Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts.

What was the name of the ship that came to Plymouth in 1620?

Some 35 passengers, family and friends who had remained in Leiden sailed on a ship called the Mayflower but which was not the original ship that came to Plymouth in 1620. The ship was part of the Higginson fleet of ships bringing newcomers to Salem and Charlestown, Massachusetts Bay Colony.