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Why did Juliette put up her villa for sale?

Why did Juliette put up her villa for sale?

(a) Juliette, the owner of the villa was fed up with the place as she couldn’t get a suitable buyer for it. She was distressed at not selling it as she had expected. (b) Mr. Gaston and Jeanne were coming to see and buy Juliette’s villa.

What is the final price quoted by Juliette for her villa?

While Juliette asks for two hundred and fifty thousand francs, and quotes two hundred thousand francs as her last price, Gaston bargains for the house with Juliette and quotes the ridiculously low price of sixty thousand francs, knowing it will not get accepted.

Why according to Gaston Jeanne wanted to buy villa?

1. Jeanne wants to buy a Villa because she doesn’t have a proper and commodious house. As per Gaston, she wants to buy the Villa for her parents and sister’s children to live in it.

Why is Juliette disappointed?

Juliette was in a hurry to dispose off the villa as her business was very low. As the villa was near Joinville, near French Hollywood, she was expecting to find a buyer soon for a lucrative price. She felt disappointed as she was unable to find a suitable buyer for her villa even after a month.

Why is Gaston not interested in buying the villa in the beginning?

Answer Expert Verified There were many reasons behind Gaston’s no interest in buying the villa. Firstly, there was general slump in the French economy at that time; people were very cautious in spending their money on large investments. Secondly, Gaston did not have much spare money to buy a villa for luxury.

Who is better in business Juliette or Gaston Why?

Gaston was a better businessman as he outsmarts Juliette in making a deal. Juliette waits for one month before, Gaston sells it within seconds, without even buying it, and that too at a much higher price.

How does Juliet’s mother feel about Juliet getting married?

It also shows that she approves of Juliet getting married to Paris. She also thinks Juliet should already be married when she states ‘I was your mother upon these years’ this means that she was pregnant with Juliet at her age and she thinks Juliet is lucky as she is not yet married.

Where does Juliet go in Act 2 Scene 5?

Finally Juliet learns that if she wants to marry Romeo, she need only go to Friar Lawrence’s cell that afternoon. Enter Juliet. The clock struck nine when I did send the Nurse. In half an hour she promised to return. Perchance she cannot meet him. That’s not so. O, she is lame! Love’s heralds should be thoughts, ACT 2. SC. 5

Why did Juliet go against people she was friends with?

Resolved: No, although, when ‘Child Ben’s’ life was in danger, Juliet went against the people she was friends with for 3 years to save him, even knowing he would become the monster he is. Origin: Juliet delivered Ethan, coming out of retirement as a fertility doctor.

How does Juliet know the relationship is formal?

We know there relationship is formal when Juliet first comes to the room after her mother shouts her and she replies with ‘Madam I am here. What is your will’ this is very formal for someone to call their mother madam. It suggests that Juliet doesn’t feel comfortable around her.