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Why is Couples Retreat Rated PG-13?

Why is Couples Retreat Rated PG-13?

Couples Retreat is rated PG-13 by the MPAA on appeal for sexual content and language. Previously rated R by the MPAA in 2009. Characters in this story engage in frequent coarse sexual innuendo and discussions along with crude terms for male anatomy. One man is interrupted while beginning to self-pleasure.

Is Couples Retreat a good movie?

The site’s critical consensus reads, “Despite a talented cast and some reliably pleasant interplay between Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn, Couples Retreat leaves viewers stranded in an arid, mirthless comedy.” On Metacritic, the film has a score of 23 out of 100 based on reviews from 27 critics, indicating “generally …

What is the movie Couples Retreat about?

Four couples, all friends, descend on a tropical island resort. Though one husband and wife are there to work on their marriage, the others just want to enjoy some fun in the sun. They soon find, however, that paradise comes at a price: Participation in couples therapy sessions is mandatory. What started out as a cut-rate vacation turns into an examination of the common problems many face.
Couples Retreat/Film synopsis

Is the help movie OK for kids?

Parents need to know that The Help is an emotionally intense adaptation of Kathryn Stockett’s best-selling civil rights-era novel. It isn’t likely to appeal to young kids, but it’s a historically relevant drama that mature tweens and teens can see with their parents.

How much does a Couples Retreat cost?

Private couple retreat California are expensive and cost-wise are all over the map. They can range from $3000 to as much as $8500 for a weekend. These are targeted help change your marriage.

Are there real couples retreats?

Married couples can attend a marriage retreat, which can help strengthen your marriage for years to come. Tantric workshops and retreats offer perhaps the deepest work for happy couples (and we’ve got those, too). Not only that, but there are so many romantic getaway destinations for you to visit with your partner.

Is the help book appropriate for a 12 year old?

This is a really good book that will allow the younger generation to appreciate how the world has changed in 50 yrs. Meg I read this when I was 12 and I fully understood the book. Their is nothing too violent, but you may want to read it with her or check in every chapter or so to make sure that she understands.

Is the help a true story?

The Help is a historical fiction novel by American author Kathryn Stockett and published by Penguin Books in 2009. Spencer was Stockett’s original inspiration for the character of Minny, and also plays her in the film adaptation.

Is Eden Resort from couples retreat real?

After the St Regis Resort Bora Bora was used as the exotic Eden Resort for filming the ‘Couples Retreat’, world interest was aroused. Travel Weekly named it ‘Top Resort World Wide’ and Luxury Travel Adviser awarded it ‘Best Resort in the South Pacific’. It’s still a favorite romantic getaway.

Does insurance pay for Couples Therapy?

Yes, private health usually covers counselling, depending on what level of insurance cover you have. It’s important to always call up your provider first and ensure that your couples counselling sessions will be covered before you sign up so you don’t get stuck with a surprise bill.

How much does a couples retreat cost?

Where is a good couples retreat?

These 15 best couple retreats will renew and light a flame under your relationship this year.

  • Time for Two in Kohler, Wisconsin.
  • Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California.
  • Stillpoint Lodge, Alaska.
  • Inn of the Five Graces in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Twin Farms in Barnard, Vermont.
  • Firelight Camps in Ithaca, New York.

Who are the actors in the movie Couples Retreat?

Cast overview, first billed only: Vince Vaughn Dave Jason Bateman Jason Smith Faizon Love Shane Jon Favreau Joey Malin Akerman Ronnie

Why are Jason and Cynthia on a Couples Retreat?

Jason and Cynthia announce that their marriage is in trouble, and they beg their friends (and Shane’s young girlfriend) to join them on a couples’ retreat, at the package rate, on a tropical island. The others reluctantly agree, planning to play while Jason and Cynthia work on their marriage with an island psychologist.

What is the error code for Couples Retreat?

This video file cannot be played. (Error Code: 102630) A comedy centered around four couples who settle into a tropical-island resort for a vacation. While one of the couples is there to work on the marriage, the others fail to realize that participation in the resort’s therapy sessions is not optional.