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What fluid goes in a convertible top motor?

What fluid goes in a convertible top motor?

NOTE-Pumps and cylinders purchased from Convertible Top Specialists may be filled with fluid, this fluid will either be Dextron III automatic transmission fluid or mineral hydraulic oil. The fluids are compatible with each other but not with brake fluid.

How does a convertible top motor work?

The convertible motor drives the pump which is connected to the motor at one end and the fluid reservoir on the other end. The pump generates a pressure varying from 300 to 450 psi. It is fitted in the trunk area and supplies hydraulic fluid to the lift cylinders which are mounted on either side of the vehicle.

Why won’t my convertible top go down?

If a convertible top simply doesn’t go up or down when you engage the switch, the cause may be a bad fuse, lift cylinder, or relay. When a convertible top gets stuck in the process, it is most likely caused by a lift cylinder or a broken cable.

How do you test a convertible top motor?

Use a digital multimeter to check the lines feeding the convertible top motor. Every time you press the convertible switch, you should read between 11-13 volts at the pump. If you are not getting any current at the hydraulic motor, you may have an electrical problem or a defective switch.

How much does it cost to replace a convertible top motor?

Roof Motor Replacement The typical convertible roof motor will cost you anywhere between $150 to $300 for the partial, and between $100 to $200 for the labor. Here is the cost of several popular convertible roof motors. Motors are usually the more expensive part of replacing a convertible top.

Why does my convertible top get stuck?

When a convertible top gets stuck in the process, it is most likely caused by a lift cylinder or a broken cable. Another frequent problem is when a convertible top moves very slowly, which is typically caused by a weak lift cylinder.

How much does it cost to fix a convertible top motor?

Typically you will spend anywhere from $500 to $1,000 on a convertible top repair.

How long does convertible top last?

5-7 years
A properly maintained convertible top lasts an average of 5-7 years. 2. Never put a convertible top down when the temperature is below 60 degrees.

Is it hard to replace a convertible top?

We’ve found with experience that convertible top installation is one of the hardest installation jobs that you’ll run into with your car, so we would recommend leaving it to professionals.

Is a hardtop convertible better than a soft top?

Advantages of a Hardtop Durability: Hardtops are clearly the more durable option. They’re solid and can withstand significant damage that would normally tear through a soft top. That means they’ll last longer overall, so you won’t have to deal with as much maintenance.

What kind of fluid do you use in a convertible?

This question is for the guys who own a convertible. I wanted to know what type of fluid you use for your hydraulic pump. I’m assuming hydraulic fluid. I have heard people put power steering fluid and even ATF which I’m not comfortable putting that in but I thought I would ask since my fluid is clear in the pump now thanks.

What kind of fluid do you use for a top motor?

Fill the pump with MERCON® Multi-Purpose Automatic Transmission Fluid XT-2-QDX or equivalent to the bottom of the fill hole. Install a fill plug. Install the motor and cylinders as an assembly. Position the motor assembly.

How to replace ATF fluid in convertible top motor?

Position the motor assembly. Connect the motor electrical connector. Engage the hydraulic line retainers on each side. Position the lift cylinders and install the nuts. Install the two cylinder rod mounting bolts. Install the speakers. Install the screws.

What kind of hydraulic fluid does a Mustang use?

What they put in it at factory was probably hydraulic fluid that met the specs of that system. But if the motor has a sticker that says use ATF, then use ATF. You can only assume that the ATF is better then the original….think about it.